Bravery Meeting 77 (Australia)

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The Bravery Council of Australia Meeting 77 Honours List was announced by the Governor General of Australia on 27 August 2012.[1]

Awards were announced for the Star of Courage,[2] the Bravery Medal,[3] Commendation for Brave Conduct[4] and Group Bravery Citation.[5]

† indicates an award given posthumously.

Star of Courage (SC)[edit]

Bravery Medal (BM)[edit]

Commendation for Brave Conduct[edit]

  • Matthew Kevin Alcock, South Australia
  • Martin Maria Ancone, South Australia
  • Sergeant James Leonard Ansell, Tasmania Police
  • Shaun Dylon Bailey, South Australia
  • Gemma Ashleigh Ball, South Australia
  • Anthony John Beames, New South Wales
  • Lisa Jane Bossley, New south Wales
  • Mathew Kane Boyle, South Australia
  • Kerby Thomas Brown, Western Australia
  • John William Bryce, New South Wales
  • Warrant Officer Class One Kenneth John Bullman, OAM of the Australian Army, Australian Capital Territory
  • Senior Constable Stephen William Case, New South Wales Police
  • Jefferey Clarke, Queensland
  • Robert Cockburn, New south Wales
  • Peter Anthony Collina, South Australia
  • Constable Luke Edward Colquhoun, Victoria Police
  • Major Patrick William Davison of the Australian Army, Queensland
  • Alan David Dundas †, Queensland
  • Stewart Dundas, Queensland
  • Matthew Keith Dunn, Queensland
  • Gary Wayne Foley, Victoria
  • Russell Ian Fraser, Victoria
  • Sergeant Iain Gillanders, Victoria Police
  • Lieutenant Colonel Jason James Hedges, CSC of the Australian Army, Queensland
  • Joseph Thomas Hickey, Tasmania
  • John Francis Holland, South Australia
  • Vu Phong Huynh, Victoria
  • Senior Constable Michael Andrew Jessup, Queensland Police
  • Tim Jones, Queensland
  • Raymond Eric McMillan, South Australia
  • Rupa Manimua, Northern Territory
  • Rod Marsh, Queensland
  • Mustafa Merdivenci, Tasmania
  • Bianca Kate Mills, South Australia
  • Tony Michael Morris, Victoria
  • Stephen Matthew Morrissey, Queensland
  • Christopher David Oates, Tasmania
  • Warren Alan Page, Tasmania
  • Steven Pauner †, New South Wales
  • Kenneth Pesrce, New South Wales
  • Matthew Thomas Pickering, South Australia
  • Leading Senior Constable Sean Potocki, New South Wales Police
  • Alan Terrence Rankin, New South Wales
  • Philippe Ravenel, New South Wales
  • Senior Constable Belinda Megan Reeves, Queensland Police
  • Nathan Edward Rheinberger, New South Wales
  • Naomi Nicole Roskell, New South Wales
  • Senior Constable Dennis Richard Rutland, New South Wales Police
  • Corporal Shawn Allan Scott of the Australian Army, New South Wales
  • Peter Graham Stanton, New South Wales
  • Zachary Peter Taylor-Nugent, New South Wales
  • Jason Tod Tippett, New South Wales
  • Warwick Todd, Victoria
  • Bradley Richard Tuckwell, New South Wales
  • Scott Alan Tunnie, Queensland
  • Greg Norman Turner, New South Wales
  • John Francis Welsh, Queensland
  • Neil John Wildman, Queensland
  • Stephen Philip Wiseman, Western Australia
  • Tyson James Young, South Australia

Group Bravery Citation[edit]

  • Kevin Allan Beven, Queensland
  • Fredrick Clermont, Queensland
  • Peter Chevathen, Queensland
  • Simeon Wilfred Jawai, Queensland
  • Raylene Anne Motton, Queensland
  • Ian Alfred Port, Queensland
  • Judith Therese Hennock, New South Wales
  • Senior Constable Shane Francis Pedler, New South Wales Police
  • Graham Thompson, New South Wales
  • Peter Raymond Yelland, New South Wales
  • Major Patrick William Davison of the Australian Army, Queensland
  • Lieutenant Brandon Coghill of the Australian Army, Queensland
  • Corporal Shawn Allan Scott of the Australian Army, New South Wales
  • Corporal Todd William Barnes of the Australian Army, New South Wales
  • Anthony William Browne, New South Wales
  • Vimal Chand Narayan, New South Wales
  • Matthew William Steen, New South Wales
  • Brian Anthony Evans, New South Wales
  • Madeline Mary Kennedy, New South Wales
  • Joshua Phillip Sharp, New South Wales
  • Jason Hurst, Queensland
  • Ross Terence Thorley, Queensland
  • Francis Albert Smidt, New South Wales


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