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Bravo Band
Браво Бенд
Genres Pop
Years active 2005 — present
Labels Unsigned

Bravo Band[1] (Macedonian Cyrillic: Браво Бенд) is a Macedonian popular music group. The band consists of 5 members - Aleksandar Tasevski, Zivko Dinev, Dragan Iliev, Dejan Mladenovski and Zoran Kirijakovski. Since 2009 member of the band was Riste Tevdoski too. The band promoted themselves in a popular show hosted by Lila Stojanovska.


[2] The story of Bravo Band started in 2006 when the band members started performing in different night clubs in Macedonia. Their first bigger media appearance was on Lila Stojanovska's show. Their first festival experience was at the famous festival Ohrid Fest 2006 where they played their first song "Lesno ti e tebe" ("It is easy for you"). Afterwards, their second great hit "Neka patam" ("Let me suffer") followed. After meeting Jovan Jovanov and Elvir Mekic, they made a new song "Ne bih te ja menjao" ("I wouldn't change you") and they took part in the renowned festival Suncane skale, where they won the third prize from the jury.[3] After that, they made their first music video for the song "Ne bih te ja menjao" made by "Tomato production". Meanwhile, together with Dejan Milicevic they made the video for their song "Neka patam" that became one of the most popular videos in Macedonia and outside the borders[4] In October, 2008 they released their first album, INTRO.


They participated in the Macedonian Eurovision Song Contest 2009 (or Skopje Fest) with the song "Devojko" (Hey Girl) and finished in 10th place.


[5] They have received numerous rewards as well as recognitions for their work. They won third prize from the televoting on "Ohrid fest" 2006, and one of their songs was a hit of the year on Radio Ros. 2006,[4] they won third prize from the jury of the Suncane skale festival in Herceg Novi,[3] Montenegro and took the prize "Bronzena sirena". In TV ORBIS' manifestation from Bitola they took the award "Zvezdena orbita na popularnosta" and together with fifteen other media houses from Macedonia they were chosen for most popular people of the year award. 2007.[4] In 2008 they won twelve points from the televoting in "Ohrid fest". Their video for the song "Neka patam" (Let me suffer) was chosen for the video of the year 2008 on Zlatna Bubamara na Popularnosta (Golden Ladybug of Popularity).




  • 2006 Lesno Ti E Tebe (It's Easy For You)
  • 2007 Ne Bih Te Menjao (I Would Never Change You)
  • 2008 Neka Patam (Let Me Suffer)
  • 2008 Zimska molitva (Winter Prayer)
  • 2009 Devojko (Hey Girl)


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