Bravo Telecom

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Bravo Telecom
Telecommunication company
Industry Telecommunication
Founded 2008
Headquarters Montreal
Key people
Yasser Joudaane, founder

Internet, Telecommunication
Number of employees

Bravo Telecom is an independent Canadian internet service provider offering residential internet and telephone services in Quebec since 2008. The internet provider offers residential internet packages with unlimited download using various technologies, such as cable, DSL and optic fiber. Bravo Telecom also offers VOIP telephony. With headquarters in Montreal the company currently serves the province of Quebec.


Bravo Telecom was created 2008 as IT2IS Inc., initially offering only internet telephone (VoIP) services. A CRTC decision in 2011 favored smaller suppliers. From then on, large telecommunications and cable companies had to sell gross bandwidth to resellers monthly rather than billing them according to their customers' usage, which allowed Bravo Telecom to create its own subscriptions with competitive rates. In 2012 Bravo Telecom responded to market demand by including unlimited downloading as part of all their packages, and adopted a same bill policy. In 2013, Bravo Telecom launched a new range of PBX IP products aimed at small and medium size businesses, which offers them personalized services and the ability to install up to 200 telephones. In 2015, Bravo Telecom began providing DSL and fiber optic Internet in order to serve more towns in Quebec and offer more choice.