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Brazil Festival of Italy is a festival born in Bologna, Italy, in 2002 as a tribute to Italians for their contribution to Brazilian culture. Designed by the Associazione Culturale MAMBO, in 2003 it was officially recognized by the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Culture and the Brazilian Consulate General in Milan.


In its first 12 editionss the event has presented hundreds of artists performing in about 300 concerts of Airto Moreira, Arthur Maia, Chico César, Trio Madeira Irio de Paula, Renato Borghetti, Irio de Paula, Robertinho de Paula, Guinga, Rosa Emilia Machado Dias, Dudu Tucci, The Azymuth, Quarteto Maogani, Barbara Casini, Julinho Martins, Daniella Firpo, Fabrizio Bosso, Patricia de Assis, Marcio Rangel, Afroeira, Nelson Machado, Ivete Souza, Dudu Tucci, Marivaldo Paim, Luisa Cottifogli, Nene Ribeiro, Ligia França, Zeduardo Martins, Rogerio Tavares, Josy Nogueira, Kal dos Santos and many others.

In addition to music, the festival has offered 14 exhibitions, 9 film reviews, 15 debates, 21 study courses and internships and 12 appointments[clarification needed] with Brazilian cuisine. The festival has involved over 30 local areas, 8 municipalities and 90,000 spectators.[1]


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