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Brazil Rendering System was a proprietary commercial plugin for 3D Studio Max and Autodesk VIZ. Steve Blackmon and Scott Kirvan started developing Brazil R/S while working as the R&D team of Blur Studio, and formed the company SplutterFish to sell and market Brazil. It was capable of photorealistic rendering using fast ray tracing and global illumination.

It was used by computer graphics artists to generate content for print, online content, broadcast solutions and feature films. Some major examples are Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith,[1] Sin City,[2] Superman Returns[3] and The Incredibles.[4]

Splutterfish was acquired by Caustic Graphics in 2008,[5] which was later acquired by Imagination Technologies in December 2010.[6] Imagination Technologies announced Brazil's end-of-life, effective May 14, 2012.[7]


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