Brazil at the 1932 Summer Olympics

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Brazil at the
1932 Summer Olympics
NOCBrazilian Olympic Committee (in Portuguese)
in Los Angeles
Competitors67 (66 men, 1 woman) in 6 sports
Flag bearerAntônio Lira
Summer Olympics appearances (overview)

Brazil competed at the 1932 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, United States. Brazil returned to the Olympic Games after missing the 1928 Summer Olympics.


As the Great Depression had struck the country, the delegation of 82 athletes travelled in a ship, the Itaquicê, selling coffee along the way to fund the trip.[1] Since the San Pedro authorities charged one dollar for each person who disembarked in the Port of Los Angeles, the organizers only let out of the ship the athletes they felt had a chance to win medals plus swimmer Maria Lenk – the first South American woman to compete in the Olympics – to spend less.[2] Afterwards, the Itaquicê went to San Francisco to sell more coffee, and there the water polo, rowing and athletics competitors got financed.[3]


18 men competed. The most notable case was Adalberto Cardoso, who hitched a ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles and only arrived at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum ten minutes prior to the 10,000 m race he would run. Cardoso competed barefoot and finished last, but was cheered by the audience and earned a special medal.

Athlete Event Heats Quarterfinals Semifinals Final
Result Rank Result Rank Result Rank Result Rank
José de Almeida 100 m 11.0 2 10.8 4 did not advance
Mario Marques 100 m 11.5 5 did not advance
Ricardo Guimarães 100 m 11.4 4 did not advance
Domingos Puglisi 400 m 50.8 3 50.1 5 did not advance
800 m N/A 1:59.4 6 did not advance
Nestor Gomes 800 m N/A 2:00.5 5 did not advance
1500 m N/A DNF AC did not advance
Armando Bréa 1500 m N/A DNF AC did not advance
Adalberto Cardoso 10,000m N/A Unknown 13th
Antônio Giusfredi 110 m hurdles N/A 15.3 5 did not advance
Sylvio Padilha 110 m hurdles N/A 15.4 4 did not advance
400 m hurdles N/A 55.1 4 did not advance
Carlos dos Reis Filho 400 m hurdles N/A 55.8 4 did not advance
Carlos Woebcken Decathlon N/A DNF AC
João Clemente da Silva Marathon N/A 3h02:06 19th
Matheus Marcondes Marathon N/A DNF AC
Lúcio de Castro Pole vault N/A 3.90 6th
Carlos Joel Nelli Pole vault N/A NH AC
Clóvis Raposo Long jump N/A 6.43 6th
Antônio Lira Shot put N/A NM
Carmine Giorgi Hammer throw N/A 36.45 13th
Heitor Medina Javelin throw N/A 58 11th


18 men competed in four different boats.

Ranks given are within the heat.

Rower Cox Event Quarterfinals Semifinals Final
Result Rank Result Rank Result Rank
Estevan Strata
José Ramalho
Francisco de Bricio Coxed pair N/A 8:53.2 4th
Osório Pereira
Olivério Popovitch
Durval Lima
João Francisco de Castro
Americo Fernandes Coxed four 7:29.4 4th did not advance
Henrique Tomassini
Adamor Gonçalves
N/A Double sculls 7:38.8 3 7:57.8 3 did not advance
Vasco de Carvalho
Joaquim Faria
Osório Pereira
Cláudionor Provenzano
Antônio Rebello Júnior
Fernando de Abreu
José de Campos
José Mò
Amaro da Cunha Eight N/A 6:52.4 4th Withdrew


Six Brazilian shooters competed.

Shooter Event Final
Result Rank
Eugenio do Amaral 25 metre rapid fire pistol 17 13th
Bráz Magaldi 15 17th
Antônio da Silveira
Manoel Braga 50 m rifle, prone 284 19th
Antônio Guimarães 282 20th
José Castro 277 24th


7 men and one woman competed.

Swimmer Event Quarterfinals Semifinals Final
Result Rank Result Rank Result Rank
João Pereira 100 metres Freestyle 1:08.2 6th did not advance
Manoel Villar 1:08.4 6th did not advance
Jorge de Paula 100 metres Backstroke 1:29.2 3rd did not advance
Benvenuto Nuñes 1:21.0 5th did not advance
Harry Forsell 200 metres Breaststroke 3:14.6 6th did not advance
Manoel Lourenço
Isaac Moraes
Manoel Villar
Benvenuto Nuñes
4 × 200 metres Freestyle N/A 10:36.5 7th
Swimmer Event Quarterfinals Semifinals Final
Result Rank Result Rank Result Rank
Maria Lenk Women's 100 metres Freestyle 1:25.8 5th did not advance
Women's 100 metres Backstroke N/A N/A 4th did not advance
Women's 200 metres Breaststroke N/A 3:26.6 4th did not advance

Water Polo[edit]

Brazil made its debut at water polo, but the team was disqualified after the players assaulted officials at the end of the match with Germany.

  • Brazil vs. Germany: 3:7
  • Brazil vs. United States: 1:6

Team: Mario De Lorenzo, Pedro Theberge, Salvador Amendola, Jefferson Maurity Souza, Luis Henrique Da Silva, Carlos Castello Branco, Antonio Ferreira Jacobina, Adhemar Serpa


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