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Brazil national American football team
Native name Seleção Brasileira de Futebol Americano
Federation PAFAF
Region South America
Founded 2007
Color Yellow, green, blue, and white.
Stadium Couto Pereira
Head Coach Gabriel Mendes
First international
 Brazil 14–20  Uruguay
(Montevideo, Uruguay; 17 November 2007)
Biggest win
 Brazil 49–0  Uruguay
(Montevideo, Uruguay; 26 April 2014)
Biggest defeat
 Brazil 6–31  France
(Canton, Ohio, United States; 9 July 2015)

The Brazilian national American football team represents Brazil in international American football. It is run by the Brazilian Confederation of American Football (Portuguese: Confederação Brasileira de Futebol Americano; CBFA).



The team was first convened in 2007 due to an opportunity to play a friendly game with Uruguay.

The Brazilian team was first formed with players drafted from regional (state or city) tournaments that had various shapes and sizes. These tournaments included beach American football, flag football and touch football. The tryouts included interstate matches, physical tests and the availability of the athletes to participate since none of them were professionals.

The first game resulted in a bitter defeat against Uruguay, in Montevideo, by a score of 20–14.

However, many positive lessons were learned that day. Despite several initial difficulties, the team had representatives from states of Mato Grosso, Rio de Janeiro, Santa Catarina and São Paulo. The general organization of the sport was already well established, more teams and tournaments were on the process of being created and the popularity of the sport was growing (mostly due to the broadcast of NFL games by ESPN).

In the year of 2008, the national team had a much stronger squad. Using the same methodology as the previous year, the team was able to field new reinforcements. Athletes from 3 other states (Paraná, Distrito Federal and Minas Gerais) were drafted to play its second game, this time at home. Unfortunately, by request of the other side, again the Uruguayan National Team, the game had to be cancelled, causing great disappointment to the athletes and everyone involved in the organization of the event.

In the year of 2009, a national tournament first occurred. The best teams from each member state were chosen by the states to represent them in the tournament. The coaches of the Brazilian National team now had an easier job in comparing the athletes abilities. In 2013, the Torneio Touchdown had 20 teams, some of them having naming partnership with famous soccer clubs.

There is also a parallel federation with a separate national tournament. However, the Brazilian team may draft players from this tournament as well, despite having a lower quality level in general.

The Brazilian team, along with Uruguay and Argentina, recently became members of the international entity IFAF.[1]


Brazil defeated Uruguay 49-0 on 26 April 2014. Heron Azevedo was named MVP of the game.[2]

The Women's National Team contested the World category in the months of June and July 2010 in Sweden.[3]


Roster accurate as of April 29, 2015.[4][5]

Roster of the Brazil national American football team
  • 1 Rhudson Fonseca (New Jersey Savage)
  • 4 Ramon Martire (Botafogo Reptiles)
  • 8 Rodrigo Dantas (João Pessoa Espectros)

Running backs

  • 23 Bruno Santucci (Coritiba Crocodiles)
  • 43 Everton Antero (João Pessoa Espectros)
  • 22 Lucas Nascimento (Coritiba Crocodiles)
  • 40 Rômulo Ramos (Vasco Patriotas)

Wide receivers

  • 89 Adan Rodrigues (Coritiba Crocodiles)
  • 17 Felipe Fernandes (Vasco Patriotas)
  • 33 Heron Azevedo (Cuiabá Arsenal)
  • 9 Rodrigo Pons (Flamengo FA)

Tight ends

  • 86 Breno Takahashi (Timbó Rex)
  • 88 Felipe Leiria (Flamengo FA)
  • 84 Luiz Domingues (São Paulo Storm)
Offensive linemen
  • 72 Anselmo Brauer (Flamengo FA)
  • 71 Dhiego Taylor (Lusa Lions)
  • 79 Hátila Fogo (Cuiabá Arsenal)
  • 68 Júnior Kruger (Jaraguá Breakers)
  • 66 Lenin Caldeira (João Pessoa Espectros)
  • 55 Marcos Martiny (Flamengo FA)
  • 77 Rafael Menezes (Botafogo Reptiles)
  • 63 Rufo Neto (João Pessoa Espectros)

Defensive linemen

  • 93 Andrei Vargas (Cuiabá Arsenal)
  • 92 Augusto Oliveira (Tubarões do Cerrado)
  • 97 Bruno da Silva (São Paulo Storm)
  • 98 Delmer Zoschke (Coritiba Crocodiles)
  • 74 Denis Barros (Flamengo FA)
  • 90 Kawan Pivatto (Juventude FA)
  • 95 Felipe Marques (Tubarões do Cerrado)
  • 94 Vinicius Zanon (São José Istepôs)


  • 3 Diego Aranha (João Pessoa Espectros)
  • 50 Eduardo Viana (Paraná HP)
  • 59 Gerson Santos (São José Istepôs)
  • 14 Igor Mota (Cuiabá Arsenal)
  • 53 Igor Nery (João Pessoa Espectros)
  • 51 Laercio Anacleto (Timbó Rex)
  • 52 Pablo Chalfun (Vasco Patriotas)


  • 34 Cleverson Freitas (Coritiba Crocodiles)
  • 10 Marcos da Rocha (Coritiba Crocodiles)
  • 11 Rodolfo Santos (Jaraguá Breakers)
  • 28 Paulo Torquato (São José Istepôs)


  • 26 Bruno Rosa (Flamengo FA)
  • 21 Filipe Sodré (Vasco Patriotas)
  • 27 Flavio Gouveia (João Pessoa Espectros)
  • 30 Raphael da Cruz (Corinthians Steamrollers)

Technical team

  • Trainer: Danillo Muller Ribeiro


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