Brazilian Abdominal Acupuncture

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The Brazilian Abdominal and Cervical Acupuncture (also known as Brazilian Acupuncture), created by Jorge Ayoub during 15 years of research, is a new technique that has been used nowadays by thousands of therapists around South America and Europe, and a little yet in USA and Asia.

This system is very useful and safe, acupuncturists can achieve rapid results without pain, the patient always feels very relaxed and his eyes bright a lot because of the great circulation of Chi that this new technique creates.

This system is also called AMAN – Ayoub Microsystem of Abdomen and Neck. On the abdomen we find the 2 principles yin-yang, 3 treasures, 4 seas, 5 elements, 6 connections up-down, 7 feeling aggression areas, 8 trigrams and 8 odd meridians, 9 numerological sections, 10 dimensions of Kabala[disambiguation needed] on the abdomen, several forms of 12 meridians, scheme to shelter the body, I Ching on abdomen, western and oriental zodiac signs, tonification and sedation using 5 elements on abdomen, pulse diagnosis on abdomen, etc.

There are 62 abdominal maps and 7 neck maps, because this abdominal system is completed by neck (or cervical) system, that's why this technique is also called BRAZILIAN ACUPUNCTURE, or BRAZILIAN ABDOMINAL AND CERVICAL ACUPUNCTURE . This region of the low belly is considered in macrobiotics the root of the man, due to the relation between the intestines and the root of a tree, therefore, if one plant suffers damages in any part, continues alive if its root is still unbroken, but if the root is injured, even if the plant’s appearance seems to be perfect, in fact it is threatened.

If this region of the root of the man becomes to be weak, all the body becomes weak too, therefore, one who has a good balance and energy in the low belly hardly gets ill and if so, recovers soon. There are many lines in the Oriental Medicine that analyzes the abdomen to evaluate the condition and capacity of recovering of the sick person, considering the differences of temperature on the different regions of the abdomen, the rigidity (hard, stiffly) and flaccidity (soft, slack) of the 5 main sectors of this region, if feels pain and what type of pain, etc. But the way you insert needles in this system is different and peculiar.

So, this region of the abdomen was mapped, initially the meridians of Stomach and Spleen-Pancreas, just because this region represents the center, and the ground element also represents the center, and Stomach and Spleen-Pancreas belong to ground element, and from the ST19 point to ST30 you have 12 points, the mapping relate this 12 points to the 12 main meridians. The same procedure was made with the Spleen-Pancreas meridian, since from the SP12 to SP16 you have 5 points and was related to the 5 elements. Afterwards the other meridians on the abdomen was mapped too.

If you need to treat the Small Intestine using this system, look for to the point related to the Small Intestine in the Vessel of Conception (VC) meridian, after that the points related to the Small Intestine in the Kidney meridian, Stomach (ET) and finally as the SI meridian belongs to the fire element, look for the related fire element in the Spleen-Pancreas meridian.

It’s always 7 points in this technique. But firstly apply from upper to lower points and from external to internal points, so if you see the diagram – Small Intestine on the Belly you’ll see the points and should apply in this order: SP16, KI 17, VC 4 and ST 29. It is a good choice to initiate the applications after doing all the traditional acupuncture diagnostics.

There is a particular way to use this system by the abdominal diagnostic massage that diagnose and treat at the same time, and through the 62 maps several ways and styles of treatment according to the problem of the patient.