Brazilian Carrier Selection Code

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Country Code: +55
International Call Prefix: 00 then Carrier Code
Trunk Prefix: 0 then Carrier Code

In Brazil, ANATEL (the National Telecommunications Agency) instituted a system where, for both long-distance (DDD) and international (DDI) calls, the user has to specify a national carrier selection code.

For example, to dial from another city to Rio de Janeiro using the carrier Telefonica, one would dial:

0 15 21 5555-5555

Where the starting single '0' marks the call as long-distance, '15' is the Telefonica (phone company) carrier selection code, '21' is the national code for Rio de Janeiro metropolitan region, and 5555-5555 is the subscriber number (these numbers are in some states 8 digits long and in others 9 digits long).

To make an international (DDI) call to the United States using the carrier Intelig, one would dial:

00 23 1 777 555-0111

Where the double '00' marks the call as international, '23' is the Intelig carrier selection code, '1' is the US International telephone code, '777' is the region code within the US, and '555-0111' is the subscriber number.

Some of the most common carrier selection codes are:

Not all carriers are available for all areas. For example, Telefonica is only available in São Paulo state, and Sercomtel is only available on the Londrina area.

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