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The Brazilian Computer Society (Portuguese: Sociedade Brasileira de Computação, SBC) was established in 1978, as a scientific and educational organization dedicated to the advancement of Computer Science in Brazil and the associated technologies and applications. SBC is a leading forum for researchers, students and computing professionals working in the various fields of Computer Science and Information Technology, being the largest computer society in South America.

It is structurally organized as a Board of Directors, seven regional chapters and a network of 170 institutional representation offices in universities and research institutions throughout Brazil. Research activities are fostered by sixteen Special Interest Groups.

Newton Faller Award [1][edit]

The Newton Faller Award is awarded by the SBC to honor members who have distinguished themselves throughout their lives for services to the SBC. The award is exclusive to current members and founders and is delivered during the opening ceremony of the SBC Congress. It is named in memory of Newton Faller (1947–1996), a Brazilian computer scientist and electrical engineer.

Recipients include:

Source: Brazilian Computer Society

  • 2015: Taisy Silva Weber (UFRGS)
  • 2014: Ricardo Augusto da Luz Reis (UFRGS)
  • 2013: Ricardo de Oliveiro Anido (UNICAMP)
  • 2012: Philippe Alexandre Olivier Navaux (UFRGS) [2]
  • 2011: Daltro José Nunes (UFRGS) [3]
  • 2008: Tomasz Kowaltowski (UNICAMP)
  • 2006: Luiz Fernando Gomes Soares (PUC-RJ)
  • 2004: Flávio Rech Wagner (UFRGS)
  • 2001: Siang Wun Song (IME-USP)
  • 2000: Cláudia Maria Bauzer Medeiros (UNICAMP) [4]


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