Brazilian Labour Renewal Party

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Partido Renovador Trabalhista Brasileiro
Brazilian Labour Renewal Party
Leader Levy Fidelix
Founded 1994
Headquarters Brasília, Federal District
São Paulo, São Paulo
Membership 136,171[1]
Ideology Conservatism
National conservatism
Brazilian nationalism
Right-wing populism
Political position Right-wing to Far-right

The Brazilian Labour Renewal Party (Portuguese: Partido Renovador Trabalhista Brasileiro, PRTB) is a small right-wing and conservative Brazilian political party.


It was registered on the Superior Electoral Court on 18 February 1997.[2]

In 2006 the party gained some electoral importance because of the election of ex-President Fernando Collor de Mello, impeached in 1992, who made his comeback in national politics as a Senator.

During Brazilian general election, 2014 the parties leader and candidate Levy Fidelix during a debate made a statement that homosexuals “need psychological care” and were better kept “well away from [the rest of] us. He also said that Brazil’s population of 200 million would be reduced by half if homosexuality were encouraged because “the excretory system” does not function as a means of reproduction.[3]

Presidential elections[edit]

Year Candidate Votes %
2010 Levy Fidelix 57,960 0.06
2014 Levy Fidelix 446,878 0.43%


Preceded by
27 - CD (DC)
Numbers of Brazilian Official Political Parties
28 - BLRP (PRTB)
Succeeded by
29 - WCP (PCO)