Brazilian presidential election, 1966

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Brazilian presidential election, 1966
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  Costa e Silva.jpg
Candidate Artur da Costa e Silva
Home state Rio Grande do Sul
Running mate Pedro Aleixo
Electoral vote 294
Percentage 100%

President before election

Castelo Branco

Elected President

Artur da Costa e Silva

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Indirect presidential elections were held in Brazil on 3 October 1966 through an electoral college system. It was the second election during the Brazilian military government, with Artur da Costa e Silva as the sole candidate. Costa e Silva was elected with 295 votes from the ruling National Renewal Alliance Party (ARENA).[1]


Candidate Vice-Presidential candidate Party Total
Artur da Costa e Silva Pedro Aleixo National Renewal Alliance 295
Abstentions 41
Did not vote 136
Source: Folha de S.Paulo[1]


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