Brazilian presidential election, 1978

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Brazilian presidential election, 1978
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Nominee João Figueiredo Euler Bentes Moreiro
Home state Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro
Running mate Aureliano Chaves Paulo Brossard
Electoral vote 355 226
Percentage 61.10% 39.90%

President before election

Ernesto Geisel

Elected President

João Figueiredo

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The Brazilian presidential election was held in 1978 through a electoral college system. The opposition's party, the Brazilian Democratic Movement (MDB), chose an anti-candidate to fill the spot and denounce the restrict democracy. The MDB chose General Euler Bentes Monteiro to run the elections against João Figueiredo from the National Renewal Alliance Party. João Figueiredo won with 355 electoral votes against 226 votes for Euler Monteiro.[1]


Candidate Running-mate (Vice-president candidate) Party Votes %
João Figueiredo Aureliano Chaves National Renewal Alliance 355 61.1
Euler Bentes Monteiro Paulo Brossard Brazilian Democratic Movement 226 39.9
Total 581 100
Source: Folha de S.Paulo[1]


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