Bread Alone

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Bread Alone
Studio album by Walter "Junie" Morrison
Released 1980
Recorded 1980
Genre Funk
Length 31:34
Label Columbia
Producer Walter "Junie" Morrison for J.S. Theracon
Walter "Junie" Morrison chronology
Suzie Supergroupie
Bread Alone
Junie 5

Bread Alone is a 1980 album by singer/multi-instrumentalist Walter "Junie" Morrison. The album was released by Columbia Records and was produced by Walter "Junie" Morrison for J.S. Theracon Productions. It was the first solo album released while simultaneously preparing to depart from Parliament-Funkadelic, where he served as keyboardist, co-writer and co-producer. The album features vocal support from Lynn Mabry, formerly of the Brides Of Funkenstein.

Bread Alone was reissued through the Sony Music Special Products series in 1991, but went out of print shortly thereafter. in 2011 it was reissued in the U.K. by Cherry Red Records imprint BBR and in the U.S. by Funky Town Grooves as a "two-fer" with his next chronological release Junie 5.[1]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Love Has Taken Me Over (Be My Baby)" (4:02) (J. Tinsley, Junie Morrison, S. Singleton)
  2. "Why?" (J. Tinsley, Junie Morrison, S. Singleton)
  3. "Bread Alone" (4:28) (J. Tinsley, S. Singleton)
  4. "Nagual's Theme" (1:09) (Junie Morrison)
  5. "Funky Parts" (4:29) (Junie Morrison, Lynn Mabry, S. Singleton)
  6. "Seaman First Class (Jock Rock)" (7:59) (Akasha Morrison, Junie Morrison, Lynn Mabry)
  7. "Apple Song" (4:01) (Walter Morrison)


  • Lead vocals: Walter "Junie" Morrison
  • Background vocals: Lynn Mabry, Teresa Allman, Brenda Henderson, Akasha Morrison
  • Synthesizer programming: Wes (Duck Army) Boatman
  • All instruments performed by Walter "Junie" Morrison


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