Bread N' Butter

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Bread N' Butter
Created by Progressive Broadcasting Corporation and DSR Multimedia Productions Inc.
Developed by UNTV 37
Starring Rodel Flordeliz
Kitt Meily
Arlene Razon
Country of origin Philippines
Executive producer(s) Rodel Flordeliz
Running time 45 minutes
Original network UNTV
Original release July 23, 2008 – July 12, 2016

Bread N' Butter (lit. Bread and Butter) is a business and travel show produced by DSR Multimedia Productions and airs on UNTV. The program describes itself as a show that would inspire Filipinos to discover their entrepreneurial sense. The program format is similar to a travel documentary where the main hosts venture and visit various kinds of business establishments.[1] It also features solutions to business problems, which they claim to be helpful to the business-minded audience. It is currently hosted by Arlene Razon, Kitt Meily and Rodel Flordeliz and airs every Sunday on UNTV. The television show uses Taglish language as its means of communication.

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Final Past Hosts[edit]

  • Lynley Teng
  • Jorell Tabernilla

Final Hosts[edit]


2. Bread N' Butter on

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