Breadcrumb Trail (film)

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Breadcrumb Trail
Directed by Lance Bangs
Produced by Lance Bangs
Music by


Edited by Alex Morris
Release date
March 10, 2014
Running time
93 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Breadcrumb Trail is a 2014 documentary film directed by Lance Bangs[1] on the Louisville, Kentucky band Slint.


Breadcrumb Trail focusus on Slint's seminal album, Spiderland, and the Louisville music scene from which the band originated.[2] Appearances are made by former members of Slint, their friends and family, Steve Albini, Brian Paulson, and other musicians.[3] The film includes songs, demos, and live performances from Slint and other bands; most of these bands had containd one or more members from Slint's lineup.


Breadcrumb trail had a limited theatrical release on March 10, 2014.[4] On April 15, Touch and Go released a remastered Spiderland box set containing a DVD copy of the documentary[5]


Reception for Breadcrumb Trail has been positive. James S. Rich liked the film, calling it "an exciting examination of the more ephemeral aspects of artistic creation."[6] Dan Nixon of The Quietus stated "while it's subject matter isn’t going to appeal outside of some pretty narrow boundaries, that’s a shame, as the story is refreshing in the way it demystifies the process of creating music."[7] In a review for tinymixtapes, Paul Bower called it "an extremely well put-together documentary" and "without a doubt the best film he’s ever made" (in reference to director Lance Bangs).[8]


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