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Owner Breadpig, Inc.
Created by Alexis Ohanian
Commercial Yes
Registration None
Launched 2007
Current status Active

Breadpig, stylized as breadpig, produces a variety of items that appeal to geeks, most notably publishing the book xkcd: volume 0.[1]


Breadpig was founded by Alexis Ohanian, a co-founder of the social news site reddit. Alexis and Steve Huffman, reddit's other co-founder, were searching for expired domains for their yet unnamed website that had the word "read" in them. A search returned "" and the pair bought it purely out of comic value. Steve imagined the "breadpig" as a "pig with bread wings", and Alexis doodled the first version.[2]

breadpig teamed up with Randall Munroe, the author of xkcd, to publish xkcd: volume 0, which contains selected xkcd comics.[3][4]

breadpig calls itself an "uncorporation," which means "in practice" it gives a lot of its profits away to charity. "Rather than following the typical corporate directive of maximizing shareholder wealth, breadpig aims to do interesting (good) things with its profits."[5]

In 2008, breadpig raised over $30,000 from creating and selling LOLmagnetz - magnetic poetry for lolspeak.[6] In February 2009, breadpig donated $15,000 to the San Francisco Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals[7] and in October 2009, raised $32,000 for Room to Read to construct a primary school in Laos.[8] breadpig went on to raise $52,700, via the sale of xkcd: volume 0. This money was used for the development of a school room, a reading room, and a local language publishing room, also via Room to Read.[9] As of December 2010, breadpig has raised over $150,000 for charity (including both funds raised, and profits donated).[10][11]


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