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Break Machine was the name of a 1980s American rap act, fronted by Keith Rodgers and produced by Jacques Morali and Henri Belolo; the team behind the Village People.


Rodgers was a musician and presenter of a rap radio show on the New York station WHBI 105.9. In 1981, he recorded a single, "Searching Rap" under the name 'Bon Rock'. This brought him to the attention of Morali and Belolo, the French producers, who were looking for new styles after the decline of disco. In 1983, together with Fred Zarr, they released "Street Dance", which was an international hit and one of the earliest mainstream breakthroughs for hip hop.

"Street Dance" peaked at #3 on the UK Singles Chart in March 1984,[1] and was the 39th best-selling single of that year.[2] It hit #1 in Sweden and Norway.[3] In Germany, it was the 78th best-selling single of 1984.[4] It charted #11 in Italy. "Street Dance"'s strongest chart performance was in Norway, where it was #1 for five weeks. In France, the song reached #1 for two weeks, selling over a million copies and becoming the 86th best-selling single of all time according to a list released in 2004 by the Syndicat National de l'Edition Phonographique[5]

Subsequent singles "Break Dance Party" and "Are You Ready?" both reached the UK chart, peaking at number 9 and number 27 respectively.[6] Their album, Break Machine, reached number 17 in the UK Albums Chart.[6]

During that time Keith was asked to be a part of a new act that would include Jalil of the Rap Group "Whodini". He was also working with Michael Cameron of "Smack Music productions" the legendary house producers who went on to produce "Ten City" and "Adeva". Keith was also featured on Eartha Kitt's song "Sugar Daddy", In 1988 Keith and then producer Ken Alper eventually landed on " Easy Street" Records with the single "Tomorrow" which is included in the compilation called New York's best Dance music . In 2008 his 1st album" Bon Rock " The B Boy was re-released in Europe on Boogie Times Records. He has also completed scoring the music for the film "Drama". In 2013 Keith was one of the artists on the "Funkology" album by William Kensington the album consists of Warren G , Kool "G" Rap, Dilated Peoples., Afrika Bambaata, Blac Poet, Melba Moore ,"D" Train, Gwen Mcrae, Oliver Cheatham, & Martha High of "Zapp". Recently Keith has recorded with Hip Hop Legends "T Ski Valley" and "Fastbreak" of the movies "Beat Street","Wild Style" Yo Gaba Gaba & Sesame Street. The first single "Young love" produced by legendary producer Ewart Wilson Jr. from His third studio album peaked at #1 on club charts while the second single "I'll be standing there" was at #3 on the club charts. In 2011 Keith toured in Lyon France opening for "StarPoint" while also singing with David "Pic" Conley of Surface. In 2013 Keith had some success with the single "Realize" on Love Town Records based in England. Today, Keith Rodgers is still working as a writer and producer working on upcoming projects produced by DJ Outlaw and Mercedies "Gentlemen Benz" Harris CEO of MGM Entertainment & Music Group/SONY.



  • "Street Dance" (Warner) (1983) - UK#3
  • "Are You Ready?" (Scorpio Music) (1984) - UK#27
  • "Break Dance Party" (Scorpio Music) (1984) - UK#9
  • "Tomorrow" (Easy Street) (1988)
  • "Now I want you back" (Ghetto Trax) (1993)
  • "Sounds to Me" (Ghetto Trax) (1998)
  • "A New Beginning" (DJ International) (2006)
  • "I Want To Thank You" (Ghetto Trax) (2008)
  • "Young Love" (Ghetto Trax) (2011)
  • "I'll Be Standing here" (Ghetto Trax) (2011)
  • "Realize" (Love Town) (2013)


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