Break the Science Barrier

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Break the Science Barrier
Produced byJohn Gau
Written byRichard Dawkins
StarringRichard Dawkins,
Douglas Adams,
David Attenborough,
Jocelyn Bell Burnell
Music byPaddy Kingsland
CinematographyBob Jones, Sam Montague
Edited byJohn Hackney
Distributed byChannel 4 (television), The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science (DVD)
Release date
30 October 1996 (television),
7 February 2008 (DVD)
Running time
50 mins. approx.
CountryUnited Kingdom

Break the Science Barrier is a 1996 television documentary written and presented by Richard Dawkins, which promotes the viewpoint that scientific endeavour is not only useful, but also intellectually stimulating and exciting.[1] Featuring interviews with many well-known figures from the world of science and beyond, it was originally broadcast on Channel 4 in the United Kingdom — the first of a series of collaborations between Dawkins and the station — before being released on DVD more than a decade later. The documentary contains many of the themes later expounded in his book Unweaving the Rainbow, which was published two years after the initial broadcast.


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