Breakfast with Hector

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Breakfast with Hector
Genre Comedy, talk
Running time 120 minutes (7:00-9:00 am)
Country Ireland
Language(s) English, Irish
Home station RTÉ 2fm
Host(s) Hector Ó hEochagáin
Producer(s) Alan Swan
Recording studio Studio 1, RTÉ Galway, Hynes Building, Galway
Air dates 4 October 2010 to 20 December 2013
Audio format FM and Digital radio
Website Official website
Podcast Breakfast with Hector

Breakfast with Hector was a breakfast radio programme on RTÉ 2fm in Ireland, presented by Hector Ó hEochagáin from 4 October 2010. It was broadcast at 7:00–9:00 am each weekday from Galway. It was confirmed on 18 December 2013 that Ó hEochagáin would be leaving the show and returning to TV work.[1] The last show was broadcast on Friday, 20th December 2013. The last show ended with I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For by U2.

Show format[edit]

The show was two hours long, with news and sport reports read half-hourly between 7:00 and 9:00. A typical half-hour segment contained fifteen to twenty minutes of chat, discussing Ó hEochagáin's life, music, popular culture, or listeners' issues. There were regular celebrity guest interviews, with occasional live music performances. The show relied on a number of on-air contributions from background staff, with members of the production team, news and sports readers, and studio guests contributing throughout the show.

A special Breakfast With Hector night held at Dublin's Olympia Theatre on 9 March 2012.[2] Dubbed an "Elvis Extravaganza" by RTÉ.[3]

Team members[edit]

Hector Ó hEochagáin 
Host of the show.
Emma Counihan 
Regular newsreader.
Louise Herity 
Regular sports newsreader, now a regular presenter on Radio Nova.
Aoife Carragher 
AA Roadwatch team leader.
Dan "the Gun" O'Neill 
AA Roadwatch announcer.
Alan "Feathers" Swan 
The show's producer who frequently interrupts Ó hEochagáin from the background. Alan now produces the Nicky Byrne Show on 2fm.
Ronan Casey 
Presenter of the weekly segment, "Medium Sized Town, Fairly Big Story". A book of the same name by Ronan was published in October 2014 by Gill & Macmillan. Ronan is currently part of the Ireland AM team.


How's the Country this Morning?
Listeners ring or text the programme with their stories or problems. Ó hEochagáin accepts telephone calls live on air to discuss quirky or off-beat topics such as weird tattoos, how shillelaghs are made and driving incidents.
Medium Sized Town, Fairly Big Story
A weekly segment in which Ronan Casey reports some of the more unusual or funny stories from local newspapers in Ireland.
Evelyn's Word of the Day
A daily segment, usually airing after the 8:30 news headlines, in which newsreader Evelyn McClafferty introduces her word of the day. On Wednesday's Focal na Seachtaine offers listeners a word in the Irish language.
The Birth Notices
A weekly segment, usually airing on Thursdays, where Ó hEochagáin reads out good wishes to new-born babies and their parents.
Class Act
A daily quiz in which two contestants answer general knowledge questions. The winner returns each day until he or she is eliminated.
Where am I?
An occasional quiz in which Ó hEochagáin tries to discover where in Ireland a contestant is from within ten questions.
Everything you wanted to know about the weekend, but didn't really delve into...
A weekly segment in which Bernard O'Shea reports on some of the bigger news stories from the weekend.

Former features[edit]

Listeners rang and texted the programme with their road traffic tips.
What Class of Vehicle is She?
A phone-in quiz in which Ó hEochagáin played a short audio clip of a car or tractor starting up. Listeners tried to guess what the vehicle was.
What Class of a Dog is She?
A variation on the "What Class of a Vehicle is She?" segment. A phone-in quiz in which Ó hEochagáin played a short audio clip of a dog barking. Listeners tried to guess the dog's breed.


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