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Breaking or breakin' may refer to:

Physical damage[edit]

Arts and entertainment[edit]

Other uses[edit]

  • Horse breaking, in training of horses
  • Housebreaking, the process of training a domesticated animal to excrete outdoors, or in a designated indoor area
  • Sabbath breaking, a failure to observe the Biblical Sabbath, or an end of observation at the end of the Sabbath
  • Spring breaking, the act of vacationing on spring break
  • Strike breaking, action by a company to break up a labor strike
  • Voice break, a boy's voice deepening at puberty
  • Vowel breaking, a historical linguistics term
  • Breaking news, a news item that interrupts scheduled programming or other news reporting
  • Burglary, or "breaking and entering"
  • Break, a starting shot in many cue sports, and a run of shots in snooker

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