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Breaking In
Breaking In 2011 Intertitle.png
Created byAdam F. Goldberg
Seth Gordon
StarringBret Harrison
Alphonso McAuley
Christian Slater
Odette Annable
Megan Mullally
Erin Richards
Theme music composerMichael Wandmacher
Opening theme"We Got Your Back"
Country of originUnited States
Original languageEnglish
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes20
Executive producersAdam F. Goldberg
Adam Sandler
Doug Robinson
Jack Giarraputo
Seth Gordon
Camera setupSingle-camera
Running time30 minutes
Production companiesSony Pictures Television
Happy Madison Productions
Adam F. Goldberg Productions
DistributorSony Pictures Television
Original networkFox
Original releaseApril 6, 2011 (2011-04-06) –
August 22, 2012 (2012-08-22)
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Breaking In (stylized as Breaking_In) is an American sitcom television series, which ran on Fox from April 6, 2011 to August 22, 2012. The series debuted as a mid-season replacement following American Idol.[1]

Initially, Fox cancelled the series in May 2011;[2] however, three months later TV Guide announced that Breaking In had been renewed for a second season.


The series is focused on the eclectic staff of Contra Security, run by the eccentric and enigmatic Oz, as they test security systems by "breaking in before the bad guys". The story is largely told from the point of view of Cameron Price, the company's newest hire and a world-class hacker, as he adjusts to life with his new co-workers including Melanie, a beautiful thrill-seeking safecracker, and Cash, a fanboy and technological prodigy.

Cast and characters[edit]


  • Bret Harrison as Cameron Price, a slacker-hacker who wanted to spend his life living comfortably in college as a big fish in a small pond after hacking their computers to give himself a full scholarship for life, but was drafted into Contra Security when they found out what he had done and threatened to expose him. He is 28 years old. His birthday is on April 6, 1984. He is skilled in disarming firewalls, password encryption and general troubleshooting.
  • Alphonso McAuley as Cassius "Cash" Sparks, a 27-year-old fanboy genius and gadget guy who loves pranking and candy bars. He does office pranks, skilled in robotics and nano-technology and is a master of sci-fi, comic book and fanboy trivia. He also freestyle raps and lives in his mother's garage.
  • Odette Annable as Melanie Garcia (season 1; guest, season 2), a thrill-seeking lock picker and safe cracker with whom Cameron is infatuated. Melanie was in a relationship with Dutch until he got arrested for selling clean urine to airline pilots for drug tests.
  • Christian Slater as Ferris "Oz" Oswald Osbourne, a former thief and counterfeiter who now runs Contra Security and is trying to keep on the up-and-up, whose favorite thing to do is order around and manipulate his staff. He begins numerous episodes by saying "Greeting and salutations," a reference to Slater's role in the 1988 movie Heathers.
  • Megan Mullally as Veronica "Ronnie" Judith Mann (season 2), The new Boss of Contra Security.[3]
  • Erin Richards as Molly Marie Hughes (season 2), the executive assistant of Veronica Mann. She becomes Cash's love interest.[4]


  • Michael Rosenbaum as Dutch Nilbog, Melanie's boyfriend,[5] has a jock-like personality and made a living selling clean urine on the internet to help people pass drug tests, which paid for his yellow Hummer, "Golden Thunder". Despite his personality and attitude, he is a very attentive boyfriend, which borders on smothering. Dutch later joins the team in episode three as their mechanic and wheel man. According to Cameron he got arrested for selling pee to airline pilots for drug tests.
  • Trevor Moore as Josh Armstrong (season 1), a promiscuous psychoanalyst and master of disguise who can pretend to be anybody and manipulate people, but can't stand Cameron. He was raised by a lesbian couple, both of whom are astronauts.
  • Jennifer Irwin as "Creepy" Carol.
  • Lance Krall as Ricky Borten (season 2).
  • Terrell Lee as Buddy Revell (season 2).

Development and production[edit]

In October 2009, Fox announced that it had given a script commitment to creator and writer Adam F. Goldberg for a new comedy.[6] A pilot commitment followed in January 2010,[7] and casting announcements began the following February. Bret Harrison was the first to be cast, with the series tentatively titled Titan Team.[8] In March, Alphonso McAuley joined the pilot, now titled Security. Odette Annable was the third to join a few weeks later,[9] and the cast was then completed with the additions of Christian Slater and Trevor Moore.[10][11][12]

In June 2010, Fox ordered two more scripts for the series, under the new title Breaking In,[13][14] with the series officially picked up in November with a 7-episode order.[15][16] Michael Rosenbaum made a cameo appearance in the pilot episode, but producers were "so pleased with the performance" that he was later added to the main cast.[5] Filming for the six remaining episodes began in Los Angeles in February 2011.[5]

On May 10, 2011, Fox canceled Breaking In along with four other series that had been "on the bubble".[17][18] However, two days later, Deadline Hollywood reported that the network was in potential talks with Sony Pictures Television to have Breaking In return for a second season,[19] however the series was not included on Fox's 2011–12 schedule.[20] The following month, Fox picked up the options on the cast until November 15, making another season possible.[21]

In August 2011, news broke that Breaking In had been renewed for a second season to air as a midseason replacement in 2012.[22] About the renewal, Fox's entertainment president, Kevin Reilly, said in a statement: "We are looking forward to bringing it back for a second season and continuing our relationship with this incredibly talented cast and these fantastic creators—Adam Goldberg and Seth Gordon. We can't wait to see where they take these characters next year."[22] Afterward, it was confirmed that only Slater, Harrison and McCauley would return as regulars for the new season; Annable and Rosenbaum would only return for guest appearances.[23] In addition, Megan Mullally and Erin Richards were to join the cast.[23][24]


SeasonEpisodesOriginally aired
First airedLast aired
17April 6, 2011 (2011-04-06)May 17, 2011 (2011-05-17)
213March 6, 2012 (2012-03-06)August 22, 2012 (2012-08-22)

Season 1 (2011)[edit]

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateProd.
U.S. viewers
11"Pilot"Seth GordonStory by : Adam F. Goldberg & Seth Gordon
Teleplay by : Adam F. Goldberg
April 6, 2011 (2011-04-06)BIN-1019.82[25]
When Cameron, a talented computer hacker, gets caught hacking into a college's computer system to give himself full scholarship for life, he is drafted by Oz to work for him at Contra Security. There he meets Melanie Garcia, Cash and Josh Armstrong, who are then sent on an assignment to test the security at a car dealer by stealing a Lamborghini.
22"Tis Better to Have Loved and Flossed"Seth GordonAdam F. GoldbergApril 13, 2011 (2011-04-13)BIN-1027.79[26]
The team is assigned to break into an "old lady's house", but discover that the job is more complicated than it appears, and may have a connection to Oz. Meanwhile, Cameron decides to give up his crush on Melanie, and quickly meets a dentist named Amy (Alyssa Milano).
33"Need For Speed"Fred SavageChris BishopApril 20, 2011 (2011-04-20)BIN-1057.46[27]
The team is hired to help NASCAR Champion, Jimmie Johnson, find out who has interfered with his headset used to communicate with the pit. Dutch is called in to help with the job.
44"White on White on White"Fred SavageDavid Windsor & Casey JohnsonApril 27, 2011 (2011-04-27)BIN-1047.01[28]
The gang is called to steal a painting that looks like a blank canvas. Things heat up when Melanie's dad shows up and learns that Oz was the person responsible for sending him to jail.
55"Take the Movie and Run"Matt ShakmanAdam F. GoldbergMay 4, 2011 (2011-05-04)BIN-1037.07[29]
The team is tasked with safekeeping the DVD screener of Goonies 2, and delivering it to the Comic-Con screening, amongst threat of its theft. Cash, a fan of the original film, retaliates when he is assigned to stay in the van.
66"Breaking Out"Phil TraillBen WexlerMay 11, 2011 (2011-05-11)BIN-1066.95[30]
After failing a mission due to infighting, Oz locks down the office, initiating a team-building exercise that challenges the team to work together in order to break out of the Contra security building.
77"21.0 Jump Street"Seth GordonAdam F. GoldbergMay 17, 2011 (2011-05-17)BIN-1073.18[31]
The team is called to secure the house of famous boxer Mike Tyson, while Cam is assigned to deal with a case of high school bullying. He quickly meets with his unknown high school sweetheart but thinks he finishes his job until the victim Leslie comes back after obviously being bullied. Oz then calls the team together, but the bully plans to retaliate by embarrassing Leslie at the prom so the crew with mixed feelings heads back to prom.

Season 2 (2012)[edit]

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateProd.
U.S. viewers
81"The Contra Club"Seth GordonAdam F. GoldbergMarch 6, 2012 (2012-03-06)BIN-2013.60[32]

The episode begins with a tongue in cheek scene where Oz thanks a Mr. Fox for giving them a second chance, referencing how Fox gave the show a second chance. The team is introduced to Contra's new sassy receptionist Veronica "Ronnie" Mann. Cam, Mel and Cash start to wonder why Oz is being so nice to Ronnie and after they see Oz in a meeting with "Creepy" Carol they go out with Carol to find out what is happening. They ask her if they are going to be fired and she says no but the company who Oz wants to sell Contra might, she then says that there is going to be a big meeting so Cam and Cash follow Oz and they discover that he is meeting with Ronnie. They return to the office and with Melanie's help they discover that she is a VP in a corporate conglomerate named OCP and then they confront Oz and he confirms that he is selling Contra. After Veronica's cover is blown she asks the team to do self-evaluations but Cameron refuses because he thinks Oz is selling the company only for the money but Oz confesses that he is broke so Cam goes back to his desk and does his evaluation but Cash and Mel refuse to do it. Cam hacks into Ronnie's e-mail trying to erase the offensive e-mails that Cash and Mel sent to Veronica but she discovers and says that the sale is off. So the team get together and decide to break into OCP in a desperate move to try to save the company and their jobs. After surprising everyone in OCP, Contra Security is bought by the corporate conglomerate and Veronica is their new boss and she will turn the office upside-down alongside her prickly British assistant Molly.

Note: Odette Annable, who plays Melanie, is no longer a main cast member; she is now credited as "Special Guest Star".
92"Who's the Boss"Seth GordonChris BishopMarch 13, 2012 (2012-03-13)BIN-2033.38[33]
When Veronica doesn't approve of Contra's annual contract with a lingerie company to protect an extremely valuable diamond-encrusted bra, the team goes behind her back to pull it off. Although Melanie refuses to go with them because she is jealous of Molly as she thinks that Cam likes Molly and not her.
103"The Blind Sided"Troy MillerMarc Abrams and Michael BensonMarch 20, 2012 (2012-03-20)BIN-2042.84[34]
As the team searches for a computer hacker, Oz worries when Veronica allows a young teen to become the office's new intern claiming that he is a klepto. Meanwhile, Cam and Melanie have an awkward night on a stake-out trying to find the hacker and after some fighting they end up having sex, three times. Oz later tells Cam that she loves him but she hates love and that she has left the company and Cam.
114"Game of Jones"Timothy BusfieldMark StegemannMarch 27, 2012 (2012-03-27)BIN-2052.70[35]
A suspicious Molly questions the existence of Contra's top international sales rep. So Oz scrambles to prove that "Mr. Jones" is an actual person. Meanwhile, Veronica enlists Cameron to help her make friends in the office and Cash gets advice on women from Molly.
125"Cyrano de Nerdgerac"Alex HardcastleMatt DearbornApril 3, 2012 (2012-04-03)BIN-2062.55[36]
After Veronica steals Oz's pudding, Oz wants to steal hers (Molly) but Molly starts to have feelings for Oz. So Oz must rely on Cash and Cameron to teach him how to ward off women. By the end of the episode Cash starts to have feelings for Molly, which is explained by the way he looks at her.
136"Double Dragon"Eyal GordinMarc Abrams and Michael BensonJuly 4, 2012 (2012-07-04) (in Portugal)BIN-207N/A
Oz's protégé-turned-nemesis, Henry Shaw, steals a very important client to Contra Security and Oz go nuts. Shaw appears at Contra Security and says that he wants to steal all of their jobs and shows Oz's sword that he gave to Shaw a long time ago. That sword is legendary in Oz's family. So, Shaw makes a bet with Oz but he refuses. Meanwhile, Cash is totally obsessed with his new Marty McFly original sneakers from Back to the Future Part II and Cam decides to make a "nerd-a-vention" to Cash. In the intervention Cash tries to quit his job but Oz won't let him and says the only reason why he won't make that bet with Shaw is because he has a gambling problem and the reason why he lost Contra is because he tried everything to win the sword back. Veronica goes behind Oz's back and makes the bet with Shaw that who breaks into each other's company first wins all of each other clients. Cam breaks into Double Dragon security but he is caught in a trap. Cash goes help his buddy but Shaw manipulates him with a DeLorean and in exchange he lets him enter Contra Security at eight. Cash tries to resist but falls in the temptation. Molly calls Cash to see a video of Cam inside of Double Dragon security as a hostage, so he decides to do the right thing and just like in Back to the Future he programs the car and makes it blow Double Dragon entrance and Cash, Molly and Veronica save Cam. Later, everyone is expecting Shaw and he is caught by Oz. He later says that he doesn't want Double Dragon's client list he wants his sword back, which he wins. The episode ends with Cash selling some of his nerd stuff, such as a tauntaun. Cam says a tauntaun is pretty cool and Cash says that he has two, Cam later says "Progress, not perfection, buddy..."
147"The Legend of Hurley's Gold"Roger KumbleAmy Mass and Robin ShorrJuly 11, 2012 (2012-07-11) (in Portugal)BIN-208N/A
Oz and Cash work alongside Molly at the weekend to find a treasure that belongs to Hurley, to former night cleaning guy that worked at Contra and recently died. Meanwhile Cam is recruited by Veronica to go to the OCP leadership conference in San Diego. While Cash and Molly are getting closer with the "mission" Molly confesses that she likes Oz, which makes Cash feel pretty upset so he gets out of Contra and goes to Fannanigan's. There, Oz meets Cash and asks what is happening and Cash tells that Molly likes Oz, instead of him. At that point Oz confesses that the whole thing is a plan to make Cash get closer with Molly. At the same time Cam discovers that the leadership conference it's a lie and that Veronica only recruited him to make him pretend to be her boyfriend because one of her "favorite ex-husbands" is going to be there with his new hot girlfriend that is 22 years old. After seeing Veronica being humiliated by Marty, he decides to help Veronica only to wake up in the next morning naked at Veronica's hotel room. Cameron panics after seeing the intimacy pack open. When Veronica and Cameron return to Contra Oz tells Cam that nothing happen because he sent him a video message showing Cameron totally drunk and opening the pack to take a chocolate to eat. After that Cash, Oz and Molly discover that the treasure is a draw of a young Sean Hurley (the supposed son of Hugo Hurley, who actually is Oz's dentist) and his family. Oz gets mad and Molly says that family is the most important, Oz answers that he only cares about fortune and say to Cash and Molly clean the mess they made, which leads to Molly question herself about her feelings for Oz. Cash is later seen with Molly watching the stars while Oz observes them saying: "we'll get there, kid...".
158"Chasing Amy and Molly"Dean HollandHans Rodionoff and Lance KrallJuly 18, 2012 (2012-07-18) (in Portugal)BIN-209N/A
When Molly discovers that she is being deported, the office plan a fake wedding for her so she can stay in America. Meanwhile, Oz discovers that he is still married to Amy; he goes home to ask her to sign the divorce papers but she refuses. The office decides that Molly is going to marry Cameron and after the marriage an agent comes to Cameron house to make questions about Cameron and Molly lives. Amy goes to Oz's office and decides that she will sign the divorce papers if Oz gives her a bunch of stuff, one of which is the Captain Kirk chair, which he refuses. They fight and end up having sex and later they decide to still married because they hate/love each other. Cash has a fight with Cameron over Molly and after she sees them fighting she decides to go home, so Cameron and Cash go to London to get her back but when they meet Mr. Hughes they learn that she meant her American home. When they return Molly forgives them both.
169"The Hungover"Steve PinkTim DoyleJuly 25, 2012 (2012-07-25) (in Portugal)BIN-211N/A
The Hanson Brothers ask Oz to look after the NHL cup while they go to Mexico. After a dispute between Oz and Veronica she decides to do a girls night and she brings the cup with her. Meanwhile, things get awkward between Molly and Cam when they inadvertently see each other naked. At the girls night, Cam spies on her afraid about what Molly might say about his penis. The girls get drunk and Veronica wakes up in Carol's home. Oz calls her asking for the cup and Veronica realizes that she lost it. The hunt for the cup becomes a gender war, as both Oz and Cameron, and Molly and Veronica attempt to locate it.
1710"Heathers"Rebecca AsherLacey Marisa Friedman and Aaron KaczanderAugust 1, 2012 (2012-08-01) (in Portugal)BIN-210N/A

Oz is hired by Tony Hawk to protect all of his heritage. Meanwhile, Heather O'Brien comes to renew Contra Security website by shooting a video with one of the bosses alongside with her hot assistant Heather Young. Oz says no, so Veronica is the chosen one to shoot the video, although she knows that Heather is planning to sabotage her and humiliate her at OCP conference when they show the film. So, when Cameron hacks into Heather e-mail to see the video. The gang gets together to help Veronica but she later says that it's OK to see the original video. At OCP conference, surprisingly everybody likes the video because they think all that appears is a joke, which leaves Heather O'Brien very angry.

Note: The episode contains many references to the movies Heathers and Gleaming the Cube.
1812"Cash of the Titans"Robert Duncan McNeillChris Bishop and Adam F. GoldbergAugust 8, 2012 (2012-08-08) (in Portugal)BIN-202N/A

Oz finally sells the company to OCP and a dispute starts between him and Veronica alongside her sidekick Molly Hughes. Veronica wants to turn Contra into a "normal company" while Oz wants to keep things like they were in order to motivate his geniuses like Cash. It all starts with Casual Friday where everybody at the company can dress like they want. After it Oz starts to develop a plan to make Ronnie follow his own rules but she finds out and they decide that they have to abdicate of their selfish desires. At the end of the episode Cameron talks to Oz about giving up of his office and his coffee machine only to find out that Oz has a secret division on Contra where he has is old office and a personal bathroom.

Note: This episode should be seen as the second episode of the season. In this episode, Melanie is still with Contra Security.
1912"The Nat'ral"Tyler SpindelMark Stegemann and Chris BishopAugust 15, 2012 (2012-08-15) (in Portugal)BIN-212N/A
Cam is at his house alone when someone tries to break in. When he opens the door, he sees Melanie. Four-and-a-half minutes later, he and Melanie have already had sex. Everything happens to be OK with Melanie's intention to return and date Cameron but Molly returns home and Melanie finds out that Cameron and Molly are married, which leaves Melanie heartbroken. At Contra, Oz talks to Cameron about it and reveals that Melanie blames Oz for the marriage. Meanwhile, Cash develops his 22-step plan to win Molly's love. That plan is called: "Dawsons Plan" as in Dawson's Creek. Contra is hacked by Henry Shaw (played by Samm Levine and after some small disputes they make a deal who wins their annual Slosh Ball game is allowed to say that is the best company. Contra seems confident but their hopes end when Melanie joins Double Dragon. Contra loses the Slosh Ball game but Melanie hacks into Double Dragon servers and destroys the company revealing that she was working for Oz all of the time. Back in Contra Cameron and Melanie get back together as she is back working with Contra Security and reveal to everybody that they are finally a couple. At the end of the episode Cash, finally, makes an attempt on Molly.
2013"Episode XIII"Christian SlaterAdam F. GoldbergAugust 22, 2012 (2012-08-22) (in Portugal)BIN-213N/A
In the final episode of the series, Molly's uncle Peter Mayhew hires Contra Security to find his original Chewbacca that was stolen by the Star Wars bounty hunter: Bobby Fettman. Molly's uncle pays $2 million to Oz if he can find the costume. With that money, Oz can buy the company back. So he makes the decision to send Veronica to win Bobby's heart. Unfortunately, Veronica says that Contra is trying to break into his house so Oz breaks in but is caught by Bobby's imperial guards. So Cash, Molly and Cash get into Bobby's house but when they are about to be caught they get in the ventilation but happen to fall into Bobby's garbage can Cameron in anger finds a blue light saber and fights Bobby in a saber duel like in Star Wars. Oz finally reappears and saves Cameron from Todd (played by Ray Park who was preparing to attack Cameron with two red light sabers. In the final scene of the series Oz gets the company back and Cameron and Cash receive an honour medal like in Star Wars. Dutch returns to Contra giving FACE! to Peter Mayhew. On the final moments Cash says I love you to Molly and she smiles and says that she knows, implying that she feels something too.

U.S. ratings[edit]

Season Timeslot (ET) # Ep. Premiered Ended TV Season Rank Viewers
(in millions)
Date Premiere Viewers
(in millions)
Date Finale Viewers
(in millions)
1 Wednesday 9:30 pm
Tuesday 9:30 pm
April 6, 2011
May 17, 2011
3.18[31] 2010–2011 #54 8.24[37]
2 Tuesday 9:30 pm 13
March 6, 2012
April 3, 2012
2.55 2011–2012 #135 3.45[38]

Home media[edit]

On November 6, 2012, released both seasons on DVD. The 2-disc set is on DVD-R discs, burned on request. It contains no special features. The show is also available to stream on and iTunes Store.


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