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Breakscore is a board game usually played by two to four players at a time.


The aim of the game is to race others to the enzone and win with the highest score. Obstacles on the board ensure that the winner is not known until the very last roll of the dice or last play of the cards. Outcomes are determined by a combination of dice play, card play and good strategy.

The game starts by the counters being placed in the starting grid and both sets of cards being placed on the board. Who goes first is quickly determined by a roll-off with one die. Players roll all six dice to start their turn, attempting to score as many points as possible without zouching (a scoreless roll). If a player does zouch they lose their entire breakscore for that turn but they have the choice of taking a zouch card. The zouch cards include both good and bad cards. Certain cards will give the player extra points or possible future advantage while others will create a challenge which if the player succeeds in they are rewarded.

If a player has a good run in the game and scores with all six dice, they then have the choice of taking a boomer card. Boomer cards are mostly good. Remembering the game cards that have already come out is important, particularly when a cards pile is low and the stakes are high. Once a player is no longer willing to risk their breakscore, they sit and move their counter. If they then land on an occupied square, they zap that player, and that player goes back. Avoid the game board squares.

As the game rages with players being zapped and cards being used to advantage, positions on the board can change radically. The game is almost finished once one of the players lands in the enzone. To finish, all the other players have one last-ditch turn to catch up with the other player. The winner of the game is the player on the highest board square in the enzone at the end.

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