Breakthrough Software

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Breakthrough Software
Industry Software
Fate Merged into Symantec
Founded By 1984
Defunct 1987
Headquarters Novato, California, U.S.
Products Project management software
Brands Time Line, Timeline

Breakthrough Software was a software company based in Novato, California. Breakthrough developed and sold the Time Line project management software for PC DOS computers, releasing the first version in 1984,[1] and version 2.0 in July, 1985.[2] Company staff in the 1980s included president William Lohse (1984-1985),[3] COO and CEO Victoria Lohse[4] and president Andrew Layman starting in 1986.[2]

The product was slightly renamed to Timeline by October, 1986.[2]

Negotiations to merge Breakthrough into Integrated Software Systems Corp. (ISSCO) reached an agreement in principle in October, 1986[4] but broke down soon afterwards when Computer Associates, developer of a different project management program, announced an agreement to acquire ISSCO.[5]

Breakthrough was acquired by Symantec in 1987. Symantec continued to release versions of Timeline until at least version 6.0 in 1994.[6]


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