Breast disease

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Breast disease
Classification and external resources
Specialty urology
ICD-10 N60-N64
ICD-9-CM 610-611
MeSH D001941

Breast diseases can be classified either with disorders of the integument, or disorders of the reproductive system. A majority of breast diseases are noncancerous.[1]


Illustration of the early warning signs of breast cancer

A breast neoplasm is an abnormal mass of tissue in the breast as a result of neoplasia. A breast neoplasm may be benign, as in fibroadenoma, or it may be malignant, in which case it is termed breast cancer. Either case commonly presents as a breast lump. Approximately 7% of breast lumps are fibroadenomas and 10% are breast cancer, the rest being other benign conditions or no disease.[2]

Phyllodes tumor is a fibroepithelial tumor which can either benign, borderline or malignant.

Malignant neoplasms (breast cancer)[edit]

Among women worldwide, breast cancer is the most common cause of cancer death.[3] Breast self-examination (BSE) is an easy but unreliable method for finding possible breast cancer.[4] Factors that appear to be implicated in decreasing the risk of, early diagnosis of. or recurrence of breast cancer are regular breast examinations by health care professionals, regular mammograms, self-examination of breasts, healthy diet, and exercise to decrease excess body fat.[5]

Fibrocystic breast changes[edit]

Also called: fibrocystic breast disease, chronic cystic mastitis, diffuse cystic mastopathy, mammary dysplasia

Infections and inflammations[edit]

These may be caused among others by trauma, secretory stasis/milk engorgement, hormonal stimulation, infections or autoimmune reactions. Repeated occurrence unrelated to lactation requires endocrinological examination.

Other breast conditions[edit]

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