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Brechin High School
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Duke Street


Coordinates56°44′13″N 2°40′16″W / 56.737°N 2.671°W / 56.737; -2.671Coordinates: 56°44′13″N 2°40′16″W / 56.737°N 2.671°W / 56.737; -2.671
MottoAd Altiora
To Higher Things
Local authorityAngus Council
Head GirlsChloe Allison, Erin Scott
RectorArchie Bathgate
Head BoyAndrew Mitchell
Age11 to 18
HousesDun, Farnell and Menmuir
Colour(s)Scarlet, blue and gold
Feeder schoolsAndover, Edzell, Lethnot, Maisondieu, Stracathro and Tarfside

Brechin High School is a non-denominational secondary school in Brechin, Angus, Scotland.


It has approximately 660 students, and a staff of 50. The school has a relationship with the town's cathedral stretching back to the early 15th century,[1] with the formation of the choir school.

Feeder primary schools include two in Brechin: Andover and Maisondieu and four rural schools: Edzell, Lethnot, Stracathro, and Tarfside.[2]

Historically, school pupils were split into four houses: Dalhousie, Maisondieu, Kinnaird and Trinity (named after local country estates) with siblings always being placed in the same house but this system was recently changed and pupils are now split between houses Dun, Farnell and Menmuir (named after local villages).

The school is in the north-west of Brechin, near the A90 bypass, and next to a disused railway line.


Watson-Watt memorial at Stowe Nine Churches in Northamptonshire for his Daventry Experiment in 1935 with Arnold Frederic Wilkins


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