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The Brecht Forum is an independent Marxist[1] educational and cultural center in Brooklyn, New York, named after German writer Bertolt Brecht. Throughout the years, the Forum has offered a wide-ranging program of classes, public lectures and seminars, art exhibitions, performances, popular education workshops, and language classes.[2][3][4]


The Brecht Forum was founded in 1975, as the New York Marxist School by a collective of civil rights, community, labor, and student activists.[5] In 2004, it moved to Westbeth, 451 West St., New York, NY,[6] formerly Serge’s Gym.[7] Now in Brooklyn at 338 Atlantic Avenue, the forum hosts many events each year,[8] including Theater of the Oppressed Laboratory,[9][10] the Institute for Popular Education,[11] and Neues Kabarett series.[12][13]

At the Brecht Forum, people communicate, meet, and display their art.[14]

Financial crisis discussion[edit]

On October 6, 2008, a discussion panel “An Offer We Can’t Refuse?” was held, on the financial crisis included Naomi Klein, Arun Gupta, Frances Fox Piven, William Greider, and Doug Henwood.[15][16]


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