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Park in Bredäng. Houses built in 1964 and designed by Carl-Evin Sandberg.

Bredäng is a suburb in south-west Stockholm, Sweden. It is a part of Skärholmen borough and is named after a former farm in the area. Bredäng has an 18th-century mansion (Jakobsbergs gård) named after its first owner, Jacob Graver. Bredäng consists predominantly of 1960s apartment blocks and has a camping site by the lake Mälaren.

The population of Bredäng is 9,266. 60.4% of these had a foreign background.

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Coordinates: 59°17′41″N 17°55′57″E / 59.29472°N 17.93250°E / 59.29472; 17.93250