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King Long United Automotive Industry Co., Ltd
Joint venture
Industry Automotive manufacturing
Founded 1988
Headquarters Xiamen, Fujian, China
Area served
Key people
Huang Chun (CEO)
Products Minibuses
Owner Fujian Motors Group (15%)

King Long United Automotive Industry Co., Ltd (Chinese: 厦门金龙联合汽车工业有限公司) or commonly known as King Long (simplified Chinese: 金龙; traditional Chinese: 金龍; pinyin: Jīnlóng, literally, Golden Dragon) is a Chinese bus manufacturer headquartered in Xiamen, Fujian. It was founded in December 1988. Mainly developing, manufacturing and selling large-and-medium-sized coaches and light vans.


One of the Golden Dragon buses operating in the Philippines with the Partas Transportation Co. Inc..

The company was established in 1988. King Long United Automotive Industry Co., Ltd. is one of the joint ventures with the longest history in coach manufacturing industry. The company is now jointly owned by Xiamen Automotive Industry Corporation, Xiamen State-owned Assets Investment Co., Ltd and San Yang Industry Co., Ltd. from Taiwan, with the share proportion of each holder being 50%, 25% and 25% respectively. The King Long Group (Chinese: 厦门金龙汽车集团) owns three subsidiaries now, King Long United Automotive Industry Co., Ltd, Xiamen Golden Dragon Bus Co., Ltd., and the Higer Bus Co. Ltd.. The group's products are under the name of "King Long", "Golden Dragon" and "Higer" respectively.

Manufacturing facilities[edit]

The King Long facilities cover a total area of 200,000 square meters with over 1800 employees, of which 400 are technical engineers, 30 are postgraduates, who play a key role in different sections such as R&D, IT, production management, quality control, finance, sales and after-sales service of the company.


King Long Arriva Malta bus.
King Long long distance bus covering central Europe destinations between Serbia and Slovenia.

King Long has taken up a leading position among domestic coach manufacturers in the largest coach market in the world – China. King Long has been maintaining a close cooperation with parts suppliers, including German companies MAN and ZF, American companies Cummins, Dana and Neway, French company Telma, Swedish company Scania, and Japanese companies Nissan, and Hino.

King Long currently offers 5 series of products, which are subdivided into 50-plus categories, covering various buses and coaches (6-13m), for the tourism, passenger transport and city bus market. Additionally, King Long products are sold to overseas markets including Australia, Costa Rica, Bulgaria, Singapore, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Cyprus, Lebanon, Malta, United States, Argentina, Barbados, Hong Kong, Hungary, Macau, Thailand and Malaysia.

At the end of 2004, one of the key projects of Fujian Province and Xiamen City in 2005, relocating and technology upgrading project of King Long is formally launched. New plant site is located in Xiamen Automobile Industry City in Guannan Industrial Park, Jimei District, Xiamen. The project is to be constructed in two phases: Phase 1 covers an area of 25 hectares with the gross building area being 8.5 hectares, designed yearly production capacity being 6,000 coaches and buses. With a total investment of about RMB260,000,000 yuan, Phase 1 is expected to be completed and put into use by the end of 2005. Reserved area for Phase 2 is 15-20 hectares. Upon completion, the new plant will become one of the largest coach manufacture bases in China with an annual output of 13,000 coaches and buses of large and medium sizes.

In 2008, King Long has 18 percent of the export market in China.[1] Overseas sales contributed 25 percent of King Long's sales.[1]

The Malta branch of Arriva ordered 172 King Long buses recently.[2][3]



  • King Long Ambulance
  • King Long Cargo Van
  • King Long Forest Fire Van
  • King Long Jockey (van)(King Long Saima) (similar to Mercedes-Benz Sprinter)
  • King Long Mini Van
  • King Long Police Van
  • King Long Postal Van


  • King Long XML6118G
  • King Long XMQ6101Y
  • King Long XMQ6111Y
  • King Long XMQ6116Y
  • King Long XMQ6117Y
  • King Long XMQ6117Y3
  • King Long XMQ6118JB
  • King Long XMQ6118Y
  • King Long XMQ6119
  • King Long XMQ6119T
  • King Long XMQ6120P
  • King Long XMQ6122 - 12 m coach
  • King Long XMQ6126
  • King Long XMQ6126Y
  • King Long XMQ6127 - 12 m coach
  • King Long XMQ6127Y - 12 m coach
  • King Long XMQ6128Y
  • King Long XMQ6129P
  • King Long XMQ6129P8
  • King Long XMQ6129Y - 12 m coach
  • King Long XMQ6129Y2 - 12 m coach
  • King Long XMQ6129Y5 - 12 m coach
  • King Long XMQ6130Y
  • King Long XMQ6140P
  • King Long XMQ6140Y
  • King Long XMQ6140Y8
  • King Long XMQ6606
  • King Long XMQ6608
  • King Long XMQ6660
  • King Long XMQ6752
  • King Long XMQ6798Y
  • King Long XMQ6800Y
  • King Long XMQ6802Y
  • King Long XMQ6858Y
  • King Long XMQ6859Y
  • King Long XMQ6886Y
  • King Long XMQ6895Y
  • King Long XMQ6898Y
  • King Long XMQ6900Y
  • King Long XMQ6930K
  • King Long XMQ6960Y
  • King Long XMQ6996Y
  • King Long XMQ6996K

School bus[edit]

  • King Long XMQ6100ASN
  • King Long XMQ6660ASD
  • King Long XMQ6660XC
  • King Long XMQ6730ASD
  • King Long XMQ6802ASD
  • King Long XMQ6900BSD
  • King Long XMQ6998ASD

Transit bus[edit]

  • King Long XMQ6105G
  • King Long XMQ6106G
  • King Long XMQ6106AGHEV1
  • King Long XMQ6110GS
  • King Long XMQ6111GS
  • King Long XMQ6116G
  • King Long XMQ6119G
  • King Long XMQ6121G
  • King Long XMQ6127AGBEV3
  • King Long XMQ6127G
  • King Long XMQ6127GH1
  • King Long XMQ6127GH5
  • King Long XMQ6127GHEV4
  • King Long XMQ6127J
  • King Long XMQ6140ABD
  • King Long XMQ6141G
  • King Long XMQ6180G
  • King Long XMQ6180G1
  • King Long XMQ6180GK
  • King Long XMQ6181G
  • King Long XMQ6770AGD3
  • King Long XMQ6800G
  • King Long XMQ6801G
  • King Long XMQ6840G
  • King Long XMQ6840G2
  • King Long XMQ6841G
  • King Long XMQ6850G
  • King Long XMQ6891G
  • King Long XMQ6891G1
  • King Long XMQ6892G
  • King Long XMQ6900G
  • King Long XMQ6901G
  • King Long XMQ6925G
  • King Long XMQ6930G

City Bus[edit]

  • King Long XMQ6120
  • King Long XMQ6121G


  • King Long Airport Bus 6139B
  • King Long XMQ6886 - 9 m Midibus

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