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Breed All About It
Breed All About It Logo.jpg
The show's title card, showing the logo for the show as well as the Animal Planet logo in the upper right corner.
Narrated byCam Brainard
Original networkAnimal Planet
Related showsDogs 101

Breed All About It was a show that headlined one breed of dog, or a group of dogs, and presented facts and advice about that breed. It was aired Animal Planet. The series was hosted by Cam "Buzz" Brainard.

Earlier episodes of the series were significantly different from later episodes because they were produced for non-commercial broadcast on networks like the BBC networks and PBS.[citation needed] After the show moved to Animal Planet permanently, episodes became more structured, with specific segments dealing with different aspects of the dog breed. Sectioned included a general introduction, the breed's history, specific health concerns for that breed, an offbeat or humorous segment featuring the unique traits of the breed, and a summary guide for what prospective owners should know about the breed.

Occasionally segments within episodes would feature one or more celebrities who own the featured dog breed, including their testimonials about life with their dogs. Some of the celebrities featured on Breed All About It include Susan Ford and her Golden Retrievers, Greg Louganis and his Great Danes, Lorrie Morgan and her Japanese Chins, and Andrew Weil and his Rhodesian Ridgebacks.

It is unknown if Breed All About It will return to air after the show ended on January 1, 2010. However, the Animal Planet website has archived video clips of individual dog breeds.

Dogs featured on Breed All About It[edit]

  1. Papillon
  2. Great Dane
  3. Samoyed
  4. German Shepherd
  5. Australian Shepherd
  6. Poodle
  7. Chihuahua
  8. Border Terrier
  9. Boston Terrier
  10. West Highland White Terrier
  11. Cardigan Welsh Corgi
  12. Cairn Terrier
  13. Siberian Husky
  14. Beagle
  15. Japanese Chin
  16. Collie
  17. Akita Inu
  18. Spinone Italiano
  19. Pug
  20. Borzoi
  21. Lhasa Apso
  22. Australian Cattle Dog
  23. Airedale Terrier
  24. Weimaraner
  25. Rhodesian Ridgeback
  26. Bull Terrier
  27. Rottweiler
  28. Basenji
  29. Doberman Pinscher
  30. Schnauzer
  1. Keeshond
  2. Tibetan Mastiff
  3. Scottish Terrier
  4. Bulldog
  5. Dalmatian
  6. Pomeranian
  7. Golden Retriever
  8. Basset Hound
  9. Bullmastiff
  10. Alaskan Malamute
  11. St. Bernard
  12. Shiba Inu
  13. Jack Russell Terrier
  14. Dachshund
  15. Border Collie
  16. Old English Sheepdog
  17. Whippet
  18. Greyhound
  19. Chow Chow
  20. French Bulldog
  21. Chinese Crested Dog
  22. English Foxhound
  23. Coonhound
  24. Yorkshire Terrier
  25. Labrador Retriever
  26. Great Pyrenees
  27. Bichon Frise
  28. Bloodhound
  29. Portuguese Water Dog
  30. Bouvier des Flandres
  1. Irish Wolfhound
  2. Alaskan Malamute
  3. Brittany Spaniel
  4. Shetland Sheepdog
  5. Bernese Mountain Dog
  6. Afghan Hound
  7. Newfoundland
  8. Belgian Malinois
  9. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
  10. Shar Pei
  11. German Shorthaired Pointer
  12. American Cocker Spaniel
  13. Bichon Frise
  14. Flat-Coated Retriever
  15. Chesapeake Bay Retriever
  16. Saluki
  17. Belgian Shepherd Dog
  18. Boxer
  19. Pointer
  20. Clumber Spaniel
  21. Greater Swiss Mountain Dog
  22. Irish Setter


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