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Breeze Sans

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Breeze Sans
Commissioned bySamsung
FoundryDalton Maag (Breeze Sans) and Fontrix (fallback fonts)
Date released2013
LicenseApache License[1]

Breeze Sans is a humanist sans-serif typeface for the Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic writing systems designed by Dalton Maag for Samsung. It is the user interface font of the Tizen operating system[2] (starting with Tizen 2.4) and the Samsung Galaxy Watch.

Previous versions used Tizen Sans,[3] a separate typeface designed by Fontrix. Tizen also uses fallback Breeze Sans fonts for other writing systems designed by Fontrix.[4]

Breeze Sans is available in five weights (Thin, Light, Regular, Medium and Bold) with condensed styles to complement them. There are no italic or oblique styles however.

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