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Breffo is a consumer electronics accessories company. Breffo is headquartered in the UK with offices in the USA.


Breffo was founded in 2010 in the United Kingdom (UK) by Patrick Mathews (Founder & Global CEO) and in the USA by Nic Mc Mahon (Co-founder & CEO) Breffo is rapidly becoming one of the fastest growing consumer electronics companies in the industry due to the phenomenal success of the Spiderpodium Product Range globally. The Spiderpodium product range sells in over 50 countries worldwide through exclusive distribution partnerships (for example LDC Danismanlik is Breffo's partner in Turkey).

Main focus[edit]

The company focusses specifically on innovation, design and functionality.


Breffo is the maker of the Breffo Spiderpodium and the Breffo SpiderpodiumTablet. These products are electronics stands primarily made for the Apple iPhone series and the Apple iPad. The stand was designed for stability and customizability. Common uses include a desktop stand for video conferencing, a holder for the phone while using a GPS application in the car, and on a bicycle for weather notifications and directions while riding.

The Spiderpodium was specifically designed with the Apple iPhone series of phones in mind, but it is able to accommodate just about any small handheld electronic device. The stand comes in black or white and is shaped like an eight legged spider. The limbs are adjustable and coated with a matte rubber to hold electronics in place. There is a hole in the middle of the Spiderpodium's "body" made for the Apple 32-pin connector dock that connects to most Apple devices. The Spiderpodium is small enough to carry in a handbag.

Breffo products are made exclusively in the United Kingdom (UK)


The Breffo Spiderpodium has won many consumer electronics awards and recognitions, which include:

  • Design and Engineering 'Winner' at CES Las Vegas 2011
  • Wales Design Award, November 2010
  • MacLife Magazine USA, November 2010
  • Tatler Magazine, October 2010
  • MACeasy Magazine, September/October 2010
  • MacLife iPhone Handbook, Fall 2010
  • The Sunday Business Post, September 2010
  • The Washington Post, August 2010
  • The Irish Sunday Star, August 2010
  • Singapore Daily Newspaper, August 2010
  • iPhone & More Magazine, July 2010
  • FHM Magazine, June 2010
  • Primeurs Magazine, June 2010
  • Stuff Magazine, February 2010
  • Che Magazine, March 2010
  • C-NET - Crave, March 2010
  • Gizmodo, March 2010
  • Pocket Lint, March 2010
  • Zaman newspaper, September 2011
  • Hurriyet newspaper, September 2011


External links[edit]

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