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Breim herred
Former Municipality
Breim is located in Sogn og Fjordane
Location in Sogn og Fjordane county
Coordinates: 61°44′01″N 06°24′28″E / 61.73361°N 6.40778°E / 61.73361; 6.40778Coordinates: 61°44′01″N 06°24′28″E / 61.73361°N 6.40778°E / 61.73361; 6.40778
Country Norway
Region Western Norway
County Sogn og Fjordane
District Nordfjord
Adm. Center Re
Time zone CET (UTC+01:00)
 • Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+02:00)
ISO 3166 code NO-1446
Created from Gloppen Municipality in 1886
Merged into Gloppen Municipality in 1964

Breim is a former municipality in Sogn og Fjordane county, Norway. It is part of the traditional district of Nordfjord in the eastern part of the present-day Gloppen Municipality. The municipality existed from 1886 until 1964 and the administrative center was the village of Reed (sometimes called Re).

Breim municipality was located to the east of Gloppen, south of Stryn and the Utvik mountains, west of the Jostedalsbreen glacier, and north of Jølster. The municipality was centered on the lake Breimsvatn. A lot of the inhabitants of Breim lived on the shores of the lake or in the large river valley extending east from the lake. The main church for the municipality was Breim Church, located in Reed.


The area's original name comes from the Old Norse word Breiðefni. The first element of that name comes from the old word Breiðr which means "broad" and the last element is efni which means "condition". Throughout the centuries, the name changed through misunderstandings and corruptions, and it changed to Breiheim or Breidem, where the second element of the name became like the old word -heimr meaning "home". The current spelling of the name was settled upon by the 1800s.[1]


On 1 January 1886, Gloppen Municipality was split into two municipalities: Gloppen (population: 2,970) and Breim (population: 1,823). On 1 January 1964, the small Førde farm (population: 38) at the southern end of the lake Breimsvatnet was administratively transferred to Jølster municipality to the south. On the same date, the rest of Breim (population: 1,731) was merged into Gloppen municipality.[2]


The area of Breim is divided into two school districts: Byrkjelo, with the Byrkjelo school and Reed with the Reed school. Both schools are primary schools. After 8th grade students have to travel to the Gloppen ungdomskule (secondary school) in Sandane.


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