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Breiteberg as seen from the "Jonsdorfer Felsenstadt"
Highest point
Elevation510 m (1,670 ft)
Coordinates50°53′31″N 14°42′16″E / 50.89194°N 14.70444°E / 50.89194; 14.70444Coordinates: 50°53′31″N 14°42′16″E / 50.89194°N 14.70444°E / 50.89194; 14.70444
PronunciationGerman: [ˈbʁaɪtəbɛɐ̯k]
Breiteberg is located in Saxony
The location within Saxony
LocationSaxony, Germany
Parent rangeLausitzer Bergland
Mountain typePhonolite

The Breiteberg is a mountain in the Lausitzer Bergland in Free State of Saxony, Federal Republic of Germany, with an altitude of 510 metres (1,670 ft) above mean sea level. It is the local mountain of Hainewalde, and automobiles can reach it from the village in 30 min. Phonolite covers most of its surface.

Location and surroundings[edit]


The Breiteberg is located in the transition are between the Zittauer Mountains (German: Zittauer Gebirge) and the Lausitzer Bergland between the villages Hainewalde, Großschönau and Bertsdorf.


The mountain has sparked many legends in the past few centuries. To name are the "Querxe", kind of twarfs said to have been living in the mountain, "Der Wilde Jäger auf dem Breitenberge" as well as "Der Drache auf dem Breitenberge".

1467, hidden Zittauer inflicted casualties on the Hussites and killed 150 as they tried to escape to Bohemia after a successful prowl.

1880, Johann Franz Vorknecht opened a summer restaurant on top of the Breiteberg. It is one of the area's oldest mountain restaurants (German: Bergbaude). 1936 the Dr.-Kurt-Heinke-Turm was constructed. It shall remind on a "verdienstvollen Kenner der Südoberlausitz".

1881 a monument for Frederick III, a German Emperor was built on the north side with the inscription "Learn to suffer without complaining" (German org: "Lerne leiden ohne zu klagen"). The monument, made of bronze on a stone plinth had an altitude of 5m and was created by the reputable company "Gladebeck und Sohn" from Berlin. The monument was removed in 1949, nowadays solely the stone plinth is left.


The top is wooded but the look-out provides a superb panoramic view in all directions towards the Lusatian and Zittauer Mountains, the Lausitzer Bergland, the Landeskrone nearby Görlitz, the Jizera Mountains, the Krkonoše and the Ještěd. The key for the look-out can be fetched from the restaurant.

View from Bertsdorf

Ways to the hilltop[edit]

Three ways lead to the hilltop, whereof two are illuminated. A bike path leads uphill from Bertsdorf which is also used for logistics of the restaurant. The "Martin-Köhler-Weg" from Hainewalde is for hikers.


Breiteberg seen from Waltersdorf village
  • Querxloch (cave-like crevice)
  • Querxenbrunnen (bordered spring)
  • Dr.-Kurt-Heinke-Turm (13m look-out on the hilltop)


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