Coordinates: 63°41′13″N 9°39′55″E / 63.6870°N 09.6654°E / 63.6870; 09.6654
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View of the town
View of the town
Brekstad is located in Trøndelag
Location of the town
Brekstad is located in Norway
Brekstad (Norway)
Coordinates: 63°41′13″N 9°39′55″E / 63.6870°N 09.6654°E / 63.6870; 09.6654
RegionCentral Norway
Town status declared2005
 • Total1.97 km2 (0.76 sq mi)
Elevation6 m (20 ft)
 • Total2,184
 • Density1,109/km2 (2,870/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+01:00 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+02:00 (CEST)
Post Code
7130 Brekstad

Brekstad is a town in the municipality of Ørland in Trøndelag county, Norway. It is located along the Trondheimsfjord at the entrance to the Stjørnfjorden. The town is located about 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) south of the village of Uthaug and about 7 kilometres (4.3 mi) west of the villages of Austrått and Ottersbo.

The 1.97-square-kilometre (490-acre) town has a population (2021) of 2,311.[1] Brekstad received town status on 8 October 2005, thus becoming the 95th town in Norway.[3]

The major employers in Brekstad are Ørland Main Air Station / Ørland Airport, Mascot Høie linen factory, Coop Fosen, and Tine Midt-Norge. Brekstad hosted the Fosen District Court before it was merged with the Trøndelag District Court in 2021. The Ørland Church and Ørland cultural center are both located in the town.

Brekstad has connections with the Kystekspressen boat to Trondheim, Hitra, Frøya (via bus), Lensvik, Hysnes and Kristiansund. The Brekstad–Valset Ferry has regular service across the Trondheimsfjord from Brekstad to Valset in Orkland. There are also road connections to elsewhere in Ørland.


Brekstad post office was established in 1883.[4] Brekstad is also the site of Skjeggehaugen, from the Old Norse word haugr meaning mound. Skjeggehaugen is an ancient burial mound which measures about 50 to 60 metres (160 to 200 ft) across and from 6 to 7 metres (20 to 23 ft) in height. It is located about 60 metres (200 ft) northeast of Ørland Church.[5]

Shopping and business services[edit]

Brekstad in Ørland is a regional center for both shopping and business services. In the city of Brekstad shoppers can visit and enjoy several clothing stores, grocery stores, cafes, lumber & hardware stores, goldsmiths, flower shop, convenience stores, sports stores, gift stores, restaurants, optometry store, health food store, drug store, Asian grocery store, bookshop, banks, office supply, pet supplies, paint store, art galleries, furniture store, bakeries, car dealers and liquor store.

Business services like accountants, attorneys, banks, consultants, advertising agencies, office supplies, auditing, print shops, collection agency and office services are readily available.

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