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Hochschule Bremen
Hochschule Bremen
Type Public
Established 1982
Rector Karin Luckey
Students 7,826
Location Bremen, Germany
Website Official website

The Bremen City University of Applied Sciences (German: Hochschule Bremen) is a public Fachhochschule, a University of Applied Sciences located in Bremen, Germany. In 1982 this University evolved from the fusion of four Universities of Applied Sciences: the Universities for technology, business, social sciences and nautical science.


The University of Applied Sciences is located at four sites. The central site, where the head office and the Faculties 2 to 5 are arranged, is located in Bremen Neustadt in the street Neustadtswall. The Faculty 1 and the School of International Business can be found at the site Werderstraße.

A further site is located near the Bremen Airport where the Center of Computer Science and Media Studies as well as the Institute of Aerospace Technology are arranged.

The International Graduate School is situated at the site Süderstraße.


Around 8.000 students of 69 degree courses (thereof 43 Bachelor-/26 Master's degree courses) in five faculties are matriculated at the Bremen University of Applied Sciences in the year 2009. More than 40 degree courses consist of an obligatory stay abroad being composed of a study and internship abroad. Further attributes of these international degree courses are the language courses of a foreign language as well as the multilingualism of many other courses and also the cooperation with around 300 foreign universities in 2008.

Being practically oriented is another characteristic of all degree courses of the University of Applied Sciences which is reflected in the obligatory internship phases. Further more the students are included in many research projects. In the year 2004, the University of Applied Sciences founded the International Graduate Center (IGC) for being able to provide extra-occupational and full-time post-graduate degrees. The master's degrees are offered predominantly in the domain Management which will end in the degree Master of Arts (M.A.) or Master of Business Administration (MBA).

Entry requirements[edit]

The general entry requirements are the advanced technical college entrance qualification or the A-levels. Further more there are specific requirements in each degree course like internships, language skills, apprenticeship etc.. Normally the entry of a master's degree course requires a successfully obtained bachelor's degree. Beyond that Bremen offers two further entry possibilities:

  1. The extra accreditation which requires:
  • A main residence in Bremen and surrounding rural districts for at least 1 year,
  • A completed apprenticeship and
  • An examination with a degree as Master, technician or Master of Business Administration etc..
  1. The classification test which requires:
  • A main residence in Bremen and surrounding rural districts for at least 1 year,
  • An apprenticeship for at least 2 years, an alternative would be the job as skilled labor for at least 5 years
  • Job-related experiences for at least 3 years in one of the domains of the aimed study
  • Participation in further and professional training


Five faculties cover 69 degree courses, thereof 43 Bachelor's degree courses and 26 Master's degree courses.

Faculty 1: School of International Business (SIB)[edit]

Since the 1st of March, 2008 the Faculty 1 forms the School of International Business (SIB), which is a union of the international economic degree courses in the Faculty 1. The SIB offers eleven bachelor's degree courses, one Diploma degree course and ten master's degree courses. The Faculty 1 is split up in three areas for which, in each case, a dean coordinates the lectures, together with the particular head of the degree course. All degree courses of the SIB are aimed internationally and each student will complete their 5th or 6th semester at one of 60 affiliate universities of the School of International Business.


Bachelor Degree Courses[edit]

Bachelor's degree Courses in the area International Management:

  • Applied Business Languages & International Business Management B.A.
  • Business Economics/ International Management B.A.
  • International Degree Course in Tourism Management B.A
  • International Studies of Global Management B.A

Bachelor's degree Courses in the area Management and Technology:

  • Business Economics B.A.
  • Dual Degree Course Business Economics B.A.
  • Industrial Engineering B.A.
  • Trade and Retail Management B.A.

Bachelor's degree Courses in the area Public Economy, Finance and Economics:

  • European Finance and Accounting (EFA)
  • Europäischer Studiengang Wirtschaft und Verwaltung (ESWV)
  • Internationaler Studiengang Volkswirtschaft (ISVW)
  • Internationaler Studiengang Steuer- und Wirtschaftsrecht (ISWR)

Master Degree Courses[edit]

  • Business Administration MBA(1)
  • Aeronautical Management MEng(1)
  • International Master of Business Administration MBA(1)
  • Business Management M.A.(2)
  • East Asian Management MBA(1)
  • International Studies of Economics and Business Administration M.A.(2)
  • Master in European Studies M.A.(1)
  • International Master in Global Management MBA(1)
  • Cultural Management M.A.(1)
  • Master in International Tourism Management MBA(1)

(1) courses are taught and supported at the International Graduate Center [2]

(2) courses are taught and supported at the Scholl of International Business

International Graduate Center (IGC)[edit]

The IGC was founded by the University of Applied Sciences Bremen as an interdisciplinary Graduate School for Management and Leadership. For applicants with a first University degree the International Graduate Center offers several MBA and master's degrees in the area of international and European business and management. With three full-time and two part-time MBA programs the IGC has among the largest range of courses of all Graduate Schools in Germany. All full-time courses are taught entirely in English.

Center of International Relations and Practice contacts[edit]

The center of international relations and practise contacts is an independent service institution of the Faculty 1 - School of International Business - for students of the University of Applied Sciences Bremen as well as for exchange students.
The main topic is the support of the internationalisation and practice orientation through cooperations and network building with international partner universities, enterprises and institutions.

The fields of activities enclose the following areas:

  • Consultation and care of outgoing students concerning their integrated study visit and internship abroad
  • Consultation and care of the incoming students during their stay at the University of Applied Sciences Bremen
  • Care for university cooperations and partnerships
  • Cooperation with national and international enterprises and institutions
  • Coordination and organisation of internships either in Germany or abroad
  • Scholarship-, financing- and application consultation[1]

Learners’ Company[edit]

The Learners' Company is the "practical workshop" of the programme and offers students as early as the 4th semester the opportunity to gather practical experience. It also represents a special feature in the International programme in Tourism Management. Practical projects with companies of the tourism industry take place here in common with the programme in Applied Leisure Studies (IPAF) of Bremen University of Applied Sciences. The Learners' Company offers students the opportunity, in collaboration with representatives from the actual working world, to take part in tourism projects, thereby enabling task-oriented and practically oriented learning, examples:[2]

  1. ITB
  2. SIB Congress
  3. ITB International Tourism Exchange
  4. Jazz Cruises
  5. School travel encounter in the Beluga School for Life, Thailand
  6. Art Traveling with Kunstverein Syke
  7. Open Day at the Hochschule Bremen
  8. Forest Tourism Sellhorn
  9. The fascination of the other - Intercultural parent-child journey
  10. Water Sports Center Bremen
  11. Courtly game culture - an action plan for Castle Park and Pillnitz
  12. Visitor analysis for the bell Bremen
  13. Marketing project Forsthof Hotel, Austria
  14. Event concept Weser Promenade Schlachte
  15. Utilization Bremer Rathaus
  16. organization and design of a children's events under the Kajenmarktes in Bremen
  17. Direct Marketing in the hotel on the example of the hotel chain Upstalboom
  18. Fit4Service, Quality Management in hotels and restaurants in Bremen
  19. utilization and marketing concept Hansekogge Bremen
  20. Organization of a Brazil Congress
  21. Prepare concept of tourism in Poland skiing Masuria

Events of the School of International Business[edit]

The SIB- Kongress is a "Learners’- Company"- Project of the University of Applied Sciences "Hochschule Bremen". This project is planned and realized by the students of the study programmes "International Tourism Management B.A." and "International Applied Leisure Sciences B.A." in their third and fourth study semester. The organization of the SiB- Congress is supposed to give students the possibility to apply the learned theory into practice. Every year, the Congress focuses on a different topic. During the SIB- Congress different series of lectures as well as workshops take place and representatives of both the free economy and lecturers of the University of Applied Sciences “Hochschule Bremen” hold speeches. In this way a connection is found between the theory which is taught at the Hochschule Bremen and the practice of the economy because students, lecturers and representatives of the economy meet at this event. Furthermore, it is the aim to provide a platform for the participants to communicate, contribute and discuss about the presented topics.

International Days[edit]

Once a year the International Days take place at the Hochschule Bremen. This event takes two days and is organized by students of the 7th semester of the School of International Business, together with exchange students.

The students portray their impressions and experiences which they have made during their stay abroad in the 5th and 6th semester. This is made through information stands, presentations, pictures and culinary specialities. Besides the students are in attendance to answer questions which may be asked by other students or other interested parties. Also exchange students from African, European and South American countries present their home countries on nicely decorated stands and support the students of the 7th semester.

This event can be seen as a communication platform for the students of lower semesters, who still have to complete their semester abroad, but it is accessible for every interested person, too. The International Days are a good opportunity to get important and interesting information that may help them to take their decision for the destination of their semester abroad. Additionally it is a possibility to collect contacts e.g. for house hunting and internships.

Also presentations about financing possibilities as well as about the different education systems in foreign countries are given by external companies and organisations.[3]

Faculty 2: Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering[edit]

Faculty 3: Social Sciences and Media Studies[edit]

Faculty 4: Electrical Engineering[edit]

- MScEE[4] Master's Degree Course in Electronics Engineering, certified by Zeva.[5] This course combines rapidly growing engineering fields, each one of them of increasing economical and technical importance and gaining influence in:

  1. Microsystems Engineering
  2. Measurement & Instrumentation
  3. Communication Systems Engineering

The postgraduate degree course Electronics Engineering aims at providing further qualifications at high level regarding knowledge and methods in the respective scientific areas of:

  • Microelectronics, microsystems, materials and laser microprocessing
  • Automated test and measurement, signal processing, optical technologies, laser systems and measurement instrumentation
  • Wireless, satellite, underwater and fiber optic communication systems and networks.

The faculty offers education in these fields in a laboratory environment with state-of-the-art high-tech equipment.

The course is postgraduate in nature and leads to the degree Master of Science in the specific course profile selected by the candidate.

Faculty 5: Nature and Engineering[edit]

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