Bremen state election, 2007

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State elections were held in the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen on 13 May 2007 to elect the Bürgerschaft (city and state legislature).

After the elections, Jens Böhrnsen, the SPD prime minister, was able to pick his future coalition partner. He could either continue the grand coalition with the CDU (since 1995) or form a red-green coalition (SPD and Greens). Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) was said to be annoyed that Böhrnsen hadn't opted for either a grand coalition or a red-green coalition before the election; she claimed that he "had to say how it should go on" with Bremen.[1][permanent dead link]. This election is thought to be a landmark for The Left Party.PDS since it is their first success on state level in the former West. Negotiations on a red-green government began after the elections and were successfully concluded on 16 June 2007, resulting in the first red-green state government since the red-green coalition ended on the federal level.


Party Votes  % +/– Seats +/–  %
Social Democratic Party (SPD) 36.8% –5,5 33 –7 39.8%
Christian Democratic Union (CDU) 25.7% –4,1 23 –6 27.7%
Alliance '90/The Greens 16.4% +3,6 14 +2 16.9%
The Left Party.PDS 8.4% +6,7 7 +7 8.4%
Free Democratic Party (FDP) 6.0% +1,8 5 +4 6.0%
German People's Union (DVU) 2.7% +0,4 1 ±0 1.2%
Others 4.0% +1,4 0 ±0 0.0%
Totals 100.0% 83 100.0%