Bremerhaven-Wulsdorf station

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Location Wulsdorf, Bremerhaven, Bremen
Other information
Station code n/a
DS100 code HBWU

Bremerhaven-Wulsdorf is a railway station on the Bremen–Bremerhaven line in the Wulsdorf district of the city of Bremerhaven, Germany.


The station was opened in 1862 as part of the Bremen-Geestemünde railway line.

Operational usage[edit]

In brief
Number of tracks 2 main line passenger,
2 freight, 2 shunting

The station is only served by RegionalBahn trains. Trains operated by DB Regio to Bremen Hbf call at the station. The EVB operate the single-track line to Bremervörde and Hamburg-Neugraben that branches off the main line at the southern end of the station. The next stop to the south is Loxstedt (code HLOX) on the line to Bremen, the next station to the east is Sellstedt (ASLL) on the line to Hamburg. To the north lies Bremerhaven Hauptbahnhof (HBH), a line to Bremerhaven's fishing port (HBHF) branches off to the west some 300 metres (980 ft) north of Wulsdorf station. Passenger access to the station is provided by a stairwell that leads to a street overpass.

Coordinates: 53°30′31″N 8°36′44″E / 53.50854°N 8.612131°E / 53.50854; 8.612131

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KBS 122
toward Buxtehude
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Terminus   Niederweserbahn   Nesse