Brenda Bufalino

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Brenda Bufalino after a performance with The Jefferson Dancers.

Brenda Bufalino (born September 7, 1937) is an artist of the tap dance world. In a career spanning several decades, she has worked with many influential artists. From 1986 - 1999 the American Tap Dance Foundation was known as the American Tap Dance Orchestra. It was created, choreographed and directed by Bufalino and founded by her with Tony Waag, and the Charles Coles in 1986 as a tax exempt 501c3 charitable organization. During that time the Orchestra performed in hundreds of concert, stage, and film projects and thrilled audiences around the world. From 1989 to 1995, the company also operated Woodpeckers Tap Dance Center in New York City, and presented on-going classes, performances and related activities.[1]


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