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Brendan Brazier
Brazier in Venice Beach, CA
Personal information

Brendan Brazier is a Canadian former endurance athlete, author, advocate of a vegan diet, and creator of the Vega line of food products and supplements. Brazier is a former Ironman triathlete (1998 – 2004). He is the author of The Thrive Diet (2007), Thrive Fitness (2009), and Thrive Foods: 200 Plant-Based Recipes for Peak Health (2011).


Brazier was the winner of the Canadian 50k division of the Harriers Elk/Beaver National Ultramarathon Championships in 2003[1] and the 50 km division of the Toronto Ultra Race in 2006.[2]

Published works[edit]

  • Thrive Fitness (US version) was published in December, 2009


  • The Thrive Diet: The Whole Food Way to Lose Weight, Reduce Stress, and Stay Healthy for Life (17 December 2007) Da Capo Lifelong Books.
  • Thrive: The Vegan Nutrition Guide to Optimal Performance in Sports and Life (23 December 2008) Da Capo Lifelong Books.
  • Thrive Fitness: The Vegan-Based Training Program for Maximum Strength, Health, and Fitness (8 December 2009) Da Capo Lifelong Books.
  • Thrive Foods: 200 Plant-Based Recipes for Peak Health (6 September 2011) Da Capo Lifelong Books.
  • Thrive Energy Cookbook: 150 Plant-Based Whole Food Recipes (4 March 2014) Da Capo Lifelong Books.
  • Thrive Fitness, 2nd Edition: The Program for Peak Mental and Physical Strength—Fueled by Clean, Plant-based, Whole Food Recipes (29 December 2015) Da Capo Lifelong Books.
  • Thrive, 10th Anniversary Edition: The Plant-Based Whole Foods Way to Staying Healthy for Life (14 February 2017) Da Capo Lifelong Books.

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