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Brendan Kibble aka "Wig" (born 16 October 1963) is an Australian singer, songwriter, and guitarist. He is best known for his work with the Bam Balams[1] and the Navahodads.[2]

Musical history[edit]

Kibble's first bands were the Brisbane punk rock outfits Alphabet Children (1979–80) (vocals), Flying Squad (1980–81) (vocals, guitar), Vampire Lovers (1981) (guitar)[3] and The Horde (1982) (vocals, guitar).

After playing in The Horde, in 1983 he briefly played guitar in a line up of the Brisbane band The Headstones.[4]

In 1984 Kibble left Brisbane and moved to Sydney, where he formed the Bam Balams , who released an album, an EP, and several singles. The Bam Balams split in 1992.

Over the next few years, he acted as producer for several Pyramidiacs records: the "Krunch!" EP (1993), the "Solo Una Vez" EP (1993) and the All You Want LP (1994) (which he also played guitar on).

In 1994 he started playing live again, in the band Surry Hills 2010, who took rock'n'roll songs and played them in full country/honky tonk style. Later in 1994, Kibble teamed up with Chris Flynn (ex The Headstones, The Dubrovniks) and they formed Motorhank. This band took country songs (mainly Hank Williams tunes) and played them in a hard rock style.

In 1995 Kibble and Motorhank's bass player Karl Dogbox formed the Navahodads. The band released two albums, a single, and had tracks on various compilation albums.

In 2002-03, Kibble played guitar in a band fronted by Rob Younger, the Nanker Phelge, playing 1960s British Invasion, beat, and r&b covers.

The Navahodads split up in 2003, and Kibble moved to Austin, Texas, from 2007 to 2011 he fronted The Texreys a Garage rock band. The Texreys released one album. From 2012 to 2015 he fronted Power Pop/Rock band The Go Wows, who released two albums.


The Bam Balams


"Deliver My Love" (Citadel Records) 1985

"No-One Else" (Citadel Records) 1986

"Same Old Tune", split single with September Gurls' "Precious" (Guiding Light Records) 1986

"Surfin' in the Swamp" (Green Fez) 1987

"Wheel of Fortune" (Green Fez) 1988

"Hellfire" (Green Fez) 1989


45 RPM Extended Play ("10,000 Miles A España") (Pink Flamingo Records) 1989


Genuine Rock & Roll Medicine Show (Green Fez) 1988

Compilation Tracks:

"Munster Rock n Roller" - Munster Dance Hall Favourites Vol III (Munster Records) 1990

The Navahodads


"If It's Rockin'" (Louie Records) 1996


Mumbo Gumbo (Pink Flamingo Records) 1995

Madame Mojo's (Self-released) 1998

Compilation Tracks:

"Louie Louie", Spanish Louie Louie Album (Louie Records) 1996

"Hot Rod Hearse" and "Single Fin Theory", Surfarama (Pink Flamingo Records) 1997

"Kahanamokou Kick", Lost in the 60s - Surf Compilation (Tronador Records) 2003

The Texreys


Cave Girl (Ugh ! Records) 2008

The Go Wows


The Go Wows (Self-released) 2013

Gimme Some Fun (Pop Detective Records) 2015


During the Bam Balams, Kibble was approached by Sid Griffin of the Long Ryders to join his new band the Coal Porters


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