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Brendon McNichol (born November 1969), is a lap-steel/guitar player, who has played with bands including Queens of the Stone Age, Masters of Reality and Rattlebone. He is now working as a contractor.


In 1990 Brendon lived in Hollywood, California, and he began playing music with his roommate bassplayer Roger Deering. Roger had previously been in the punk band The Drills, and had moved from Miami, Florida to Los Angeles, California, with drummer Kerry Furlong that also had been in The Drills, to start a new band. Kerry formed a band with Brendon, Roger and Hammond Organ player Jeff Muendel. The first couple of shows they performed under the old name The Drills, because of the reputation they had developed with The Drills, and eventually they changed the name to Rattlebone. They released a 5-song EP in 1991 produced by Dave Jerden. Brendon left Rattlebone in 1994, and got replaced by Greg Birribauer until the band disbanded in 1995. [1]

In 1996 Brendon joined Masters of Reality led by Chris Goss, and appeared on tour with the band, and on the live album "How High The Moon: Live At The Viper Room". In 2000 he joined Queens of the Stone Age, teaming up with his longtime friend Josh Homme, playing not only guitar, but also lap-steel and piano. Besides touring he also recorded various studio songs. Brendon has also played with bands including K.C. and the Sunshine Band, The Drills, Stacy Q., Pablo Moses [2], Michigan and Smiley, Charlie Chaplan, Drone w/ Ted Parsons, Desert Sessions, Levi Chen, Photek, Discordia, The Dwarves, Palmerville as well as countless soundtracks, commercials and albums as a session player.