Brentwood-Darlington, Portland, Oregon

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Brentwood-Darlington is located in Portland, Oregon
Coordinates: 45°28′07″N 122°35′50″W / 45.46863°N 122.59715°W / 45.46863; -122.59715Coordinates: 45°28′07″N 122°35′50″W / 45.46863°N 122.59715°W / 45.46863; -122.59715PDF map
CountryUnited States
 • AssociationBrentwood/Darlington Neighborhood Association
 • CoalitionSoutheast Uplift Neighborhood Program
 • Total1.75 sq mi (4.53 km2)
 • Total12,994
 • Density7,400/sq mi (2,900/km2)
 • No. of households12,846
 • Occupancy rate94% occupied
 • Owner-occupied3210 households (67%)
 • Renting1590 households (33%)
 • Avg. household size2.68 persons

Brentwood-Darlington is a neighborhood on the southern edge of Portland, Oregon, bordering SE 45th Avenue to the west, SE Duke Street to the north, and SE 82nd Avenue to the east. The county line separating Multnomah County from Clackamas County forms most the neighborhood's (and the city's) southern boundary, though small portions of the neighborhood and the city extend into Clackamas County. (Conversely, some areas in the neighborhood in Multnomah County are outside Portland city limits.) Roughly, the southern boundary is SE Harney Drive on the eastern one-fourth, and SE Clatsop Street on the other three-quarters.

The Brentwood-Darlington Neighborhood Association dates to 1974 when it was founded as the Errol Heights Improvement Association, serving the neighborhoods of Errol Heights, Brentwood, Darlington, Harney Park, Woodmere, and Crystal Springs.[3] In 2013, the Brentwood-Darlington Neighborhood Association held a 'visioning' process to determine future plans for the neighborhood.[4]

The Brentwood-Darlington Community Center, run by a local non-profit agency, Impact NW and provides early childhood and other services to families in the community. Schools in the area include Woodmere Elementary School, Whitman Elementary School, Lane Middle School, ACCESS Middle School, and Community Transition Project School.

The neighborhood is home to several large scale urban gardening projects, including the Brentwood Community Garden, which was improved and expanded in 2010 through a grant from The Home Depot and Fiskars.[5] It is also home to the Portland State University Learning Gardens Laboratory.[6]

Brentwood-Darlington includes Brentwood Park (1951), Errol Heights Natural Area (1966), and Hazeltine Park (2001), which was named after longtime neighborhood resident and leader, Dick Hazeltine.[7]

In 2010, a new, full-service grocery store opened in the neighborhood.[8]


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