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Brentwood College School

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Brentwood College School
Brentwood College School Crest.gif
2735 Mount Baker Road

, ,
School typePrivate Day and Boarding
MottoDe Manu in Manum
(From Hand To Hand)
Head of SchoolBud Patel
Enrollment350 boarders and 80 local day students[2]
Area77 acres (310,000 m2)[3]
Colour(s)Red and Black
MascotBig Torch
Last updated: 2009

Brentwood College School is a co-educational boarding school that focuses on preparing students for the challenges of post-secondary education.[4] Brentwood is located on Vancouver Island in Mill Bay, British Columbia, Canada.


Brentwood was first founded in 1923. The original location was in Brentwood Bay near Saanich on Vancouver Island, from where its name was derived. The original school was destroyed by a fire in 1947, leaving only the chapel intact. The current school is located westward directly across the bay from the original site, in Mill Bay. The new version of the school opened in September 1961. In 1972, Brentwood College became the first all-boys boarding school in Canada to gradually integrate girls, starting with 20 grade 12 students, becoming officially co-ed for the fall session.[5]


Aerial view of campus
Aerial view of Brentwood College School

Brentwood's 77-acre oceanfront campus has a dozen tennis courts, four rugby fields, eight student residences, two academic buildings, a rowing boathouse, laundry facilities, a cafeteria, a sportsplex, and a health centre while stretching across two kilometres of ocean shores.

Sustainable buildings

Brentwood's sustainable building use a geothermal loop for heating and cooling as part of the school's commitment to sustainable energy.[6][7]

T. Gil Bunch Centre

In 2003, the T. Gil Bunch Centre was built. This 20,000-square-foot (1,900 m2) facility includes a 431-seat theatre, dance studio, media arts room, green room, four dressing rooms, and other production related spaces as well as a music suite.

Art and Mary Jane Crooks Hall

In 2010, Crooks Hall was built featuring an oceanfront dining room and student services centre that seats 350 people at rectangular tables. The table layout optimizes space, accommodating staggered breakfasts and dinners as well as lunches for more than 430 people in 25 minutes. Crooks Hall also houses The Saville Centre for Business and Entrepreneurship, School Store, and Laundry and Mail Services. This sustainable facility has been designed to meet Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design standards and practices have also been taught to the students in order to assist the faculty in consuming less water and electricity.

Centre for Arts and Humanities

In 2012, Brentwood added a new facility to house the school's fine arts programs and humanities courses. This building is 30,000 sq. ft., located on Brentwood's oceanfront, and houses 16,000 sq.ft. of visual arts studios, two digital media studios, and a 25' high entrance leading into a long corridor art gallery. This structure is also part of Brentwood's sustainability plan and integrates many green management facilities.


Brentwood offers university preparatory education from grade 9 to 12. Brentwood has been ranked consistently as one of the top academic high schools in British Columbia. Students participate in Brentwood's tripartite program (academics, arts, and athletics). All graduates attend post-secondary education (78% to their first choice of university). The most popular countries for post-secondary education are Canada, Scotland, England, and the United States. Brentwood's 2015 graduates received offers from over 138 universities with 678 offers of admission, including Oxford University, Duke University, Brown University, Colgate University, Queen's University, University of Victoria, University of British Columbia, and University of St Andrews.

Students can take British Columbia provincial examinations, Advanced Placement exams, courses and the American SAT prep tutorials.

Advanced Placement Courses

Athletic Programs

Term 1 Term 2 Term 3
Basketball Basketball Basketball
Cross Country Cross Country Cross Country
Cross Training Cross Training Cross Training
Field Hockey (Girls) Dynamic Movement Yoga (Girls) Yoga
Ice Hockey (Sr.) Ice Hockey Golf
Learn To Row Lifesaving Learn To Row
Outdoor Pursuits Outdoor Pursuits Outdoor Pursuits
Rowing Skiing and Snowboarding
Rugby Rugby Rugby
Soccer (boys) Soccer (Girls) Soccer (Girls)
Squash Squash Squash
Strength and Conditioning (Girls) Strength and Conditioning (Girls)
Tennis Tennis (Winter Training) Tennis
Varsity Rowing Varsity Rowing Varsity Rowing
Volleyball (Girls) Volleyball (Girls)

Fine Art Programs

Visual Arts Performing Arts Communication Arts Technical Arts
3D Design-Sculpture Choreography 12 Debate & Model UN Robotics
Fine Art Photography Dance 10-12 Public Speaking Yearbook
Digital Photography Advanced Dance 11/12 Media Production
Traditional Photography Beginner Rock Band Design and Engineering
Photojournalism Advanced Rock Band Woodworking
Drawing and Painting Composition Rock Band 10-12
Art Foundation Beginner Band
3D Pottery Jazz Band
Art Rotation 9 Junior Acting 9/10
Hand Built Pottery Theatre Production
Concert Choir
Senior Play
Strings Ensemble
Wind Ensemble
Guitar Ensemble
Acting 11/12
Musical Theatre 8
Musical Theatre 9
AP Music Theory

Extracurricular activities, clubs, and organizations

* Grad Committee- Organizes social events throughout the year- funds raised go to the Grad Bursary Fund (GRAD)
  • Student Activities Council (SAC)
  • Student Executive Council (SEC)
  • Student Peer Assistance Resource Counselors (SPARC)
  • Brentwood Environmental Action Team (BEAT)
  • Open-Minded Non-Discriminatory INDIVIDUALS in support of our LGBTQ community (OMNI)


Currently, the school offers bursaries, financial aid, and The Governor's Entrance Scholarship to eligible Canadian students. Approximately 20% of students receive some type of financial assistance.

The awards, ranging in value from $1,000 to $10,000 are available to students who:

  • Will be entering Grade 9 - 12 as boarders in the following September.
  • Are currently enrolled in a Canadian school.
  • Demonstrate high academic ability.
  • Are permanent residents of British Columbia.



  • 2016 Jr. Boys Basketball Provincial Champions
  • 2015 Sr. Boys Soccer Provincial Champions
  • 2009 Rowing Boys Overall Points National Champions
  • 2009 Rowing Junior Boys National Champions (4 Gold)
  • 2009 Provincial Champions, Girls' Rugby
  • 2009, 2008 Provincial Champions, Boys' Rugby
  • 2008 Canadian Junior Boys & Junior Girls National High School Champions, Rowing
  • 2007 Sr. Girls Volleyball Provincial Champions
  • 2006 Sr. Girls Volleyball Provincial Champions
  • 2007 Finalist, Henley Royal Regatta, England, Rowing
  • 2007 Rowing Senior Men National Champions (8 and 4)
  • 2007 Rugby Provincial Finalists, Boys' Rugby
  • 2006, 2003, 2002, 2000 Canadian Men's National High School Champions, Rowing
  • 2006 Provincial, Vancouver Island and ISA Champions, Girls' Volleyball
  • 2005 Canadian Junior Boys' National High School Champions, Rowing
  • 2005, 2004 Provincial Girls' Rugby Champions (Tier 2)
  • 2004, 2001, 2000 Provincial Tennis Champions
  • 2003 Canadian Women's National High School Lightweight Champions, Rowing
  • 2003 Canadian Champions - Overall points - Girls - Rowing
  • 2001, 2000 Canadian National High School Champions, Rowing


Regatta crowd in front of Ross Building
Spectators and rowers at 2009 Brentwood Regatta

Brentwood College has been continuing to gain a sound reputation in the rowing world.[8] Brentwood College graduates include 2008 Beijing Olympic medalists Scott Frandsen (Class of 1998), Dave Calder (Class of 1996) in the Men's Heavyweight 2- event, and Malcolm Howard (Class of 2001) in the Men's Heavyweight 8+ event.

Brentwood has hosted its own regatta annually since the early 1970s, inviting high schools and junior clubs across Canada and the United States to participate in a 1,500 metre sprint. The regatta is held every year in April for three days. The Brentwood regatta is a large high school rowing regatta, attracting over 1,500 athletes and coaches in 2009.[9]

Notable alumni

Olympic athletes

The following Olympic athletes attended Brentwood College.

Name Graduation Year Sport Competition Years
Ned Pratt 1930 Rowing 1932
Bruce Ford left in 1970 Rowing 1980–1988
Jim Henniger 1973 Rowing 1974–1976
Marius Felix 1977 Rowing 1979–1980
Sarah Ogilvie 1977 Rowing 1988
Ian Roberts 1977 Equestrian 2004
Paul Tessier 1977 Rowing 1984
Pat Walter 1977 Rowing 1979–1988
Blair Horn 1979 Rowing 1983–1984
Harold Backer 1980 Rowing 1980–1992
Tim Christian 1980 Rowing 1984
David Ross 1981 Rowing 1983–1988
Tan Barkley 1983 Rowing 1984
Jamie Shafer 1983 Rowing 1986–1988
Darren Barber 1987 Rowing 1991–2004
Jennifer Browett 1990 Rowing 1994–1999
Morgan Crooks 1994 Rowing 1997–2000
David Calder 1996 Rowing 1997-ongoing
Tom Herschmiller 1996 Rowing 1998–2004
Kevin White 1996 Rowing 1999–2000
Scott Frandsen 1998 Rowing 2002-ongoing
Connor Grimes 2001 Field Hockey 2002-ongoing
Malcolm Howard 2001 Rowing 2004-ongoing
Caitlin Wardrop 2016 Women's 25 m Pistol 2016-ongoing

Medals won:

  • Gold: Blair Horn, Darren Barber, Malcolm Howard.
  • Silver: Tom Herschmiller, Scott Frandsen, Dave Calder.
  • Bronze: Ned Pratt, Bruce Ford.



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