Brentwood Secondary College

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Brentwood Secondary College
BSC Logo.png
65-71 Watsons Road
Glen Waverley, Victoria
Type Public
Motto "Learning for Leadership, Learning for Understanding, Learning as a community"
Established 1969
School district Eastern Metropolitan Region
Teaching staff 130 approx
Years 7-12
Number of students 602

Blue, Green, Red, Yellow

Yearbook Faces
Houses Macpherson(Blue), Reardon(Green), Armstrong(Red), Wheeler(Yellow)
Business Manager Robyn Geshev

Brentwood Secondary College is a co-educational, public high school, located in Glen Waverley, Victoria, Australia.

Glen Waverley South Primary School adjoins the college, and they have their own oval, which is used for many sport activities such as cricket, rugby, and Australian football.


Brentwood Secondary College opened in 1969.

In recent years, the number of students attending the college has increased. Brentwood currently has about 4135 students enrolled in years 7 to 12. The year levels are divided into junior school (years 7 and 8), middle school (years 9 and 10) and senior school (years 11 and 12) with 2 year level coordinators for each year level respectively.

Since 2009, the college has been divided into two sub-schools, junior school (Years 7 to 9) and a senior school (Years 10 to 12). Each sub-school will be led by a head of school and supported by 2 student managers for each sub-school year level.


In 2006, a major redevelopment of the college's facilities to the science, mathematics, gymnasium and boom gates. This complex costing in excess of $4 million was spent, with the government contributing $2.49 million and the college community contributing $1.74 million. The upgrades included new science and mathematics class rooms, a new gymnasium with new staff & physical education teaching rooms with an up stairs table tennis area.

The college consists of four "block" buildings, a performance centre and a gym and multiple portable classrooms.

Brentwood currently has 4 computer labs and a Mac lab in addition to the computers in the Library.

Brentwoood currently has a gymnasium, weights room, a mezzanine for boxing and table tennis and the Hall, utilised for Productions and various classes offered at the College.

The college recently invested in a state of the ark tribute to the U.S. version of capitalism, in the shape of they cafeteria/ canteen which daily shows how their opinions of students are portrayed via hiking the prices of Zooper Doopers to 60c from 50c. A wonder to see the soul crushing machine in full stride. The canteen is at the fore front of its kind and rips off students at a second to none rate.

Thinking, Learning and Creativity Project[edit]

Brentwood Secondary College was successful in gaining funds from the Victorian Government through the Leading Schools Funding program to develop and trial a new educational program which may be used as a model for other schools.

Thinking, Learning and Creativity (TLC) is a core subject for year 7 students which combine studies in English, History, Geography and Information and Communication Technology for 10 periods per week. The TLC project is an innovation to Brentwood's year 7 Curriculum introduced in 2007.

The construction of a specially designed, technology rich TLC centre was completed in 2007 and formally declared open by Maxine Morand, Minister for Children and Early Childhood Development, Minister for Women’s Affairs and Member for Mount Waverley.


In year 7, students complete Mathematics, English, a Language, Science and Physical Education for the whole year with a semester of History, Geography, Music and Art. A term is spent in each of: Information (1st semester) Technology, Textiles, Food Technology and Woodwork.

During the middle years students are able to choose from a selection of semester (two terms) length studies, with the only mandatory subjects being Mathematics, English and Languages. Subjects on offer are: “English (EN), Mathematics (MA), Science (SC), Commerce (CO), Geography (GG), History/Social Science (HS), German (GE), Japanese (JA), Art (AR), Music (MU), Drama (CA), Physical Education (PE), Health (HL), Woodwork (WW), Food Technology (FT), Textiles (TX), Information Technology (IT), and Technology (TN)” (Brentwood Secondary College website). Though, they are required to earn enough points in each discipline in order to be able to continue into Year 11.

Brentwood Secondary College currently offers 32 VCE subjects and access to a variety of VET courses. The College does well in VCE (Victorian Certificate of Education) with many students receiving high ENTERs (Equivalent National Tertiary Entrance Rank).

In 2003 Brentwood Secondary College offered 3534 VCE subjects and 5 VET certificates with 184 students enrolled in VCE and 11 in VET certificates. 92% of these students applied for tertiary places. 100% of the students received satisfactory VCE completions. The satisfactory of VET module completions was only 36%. In 2007 Brentwood Secondary College achieved a median study score of 31(out of 50) . The percentage of 40+ study scores acquired being 8%.

Languages programme[edit]

Students are required to complete 2 years of language study. Brentwood Secondary College’s LOTE programme offers Japanese and German.

Brentwood Secondary College has a sister school in Japan. In alternating years Ono Senior High School and Brentwood send students to the other school to be hosted by students' families. Brentwood also has a similar exchange program with Erasmus Gymnasium in Denzlingen, Germany.


Brentwood has an extensive Instrumental Music Program. Students have a choice to learn an instrument and tuitions offered are: Violin, Viola, Cello, Piano, Voice, Trumpet, Trombone, Clarinet, Flute, Saxophone and Drums. Once students are ready to go into ensembles, they are expected to perform in music concerts which Brentwood conducts. These are: Music Soiree Junior Music Night Presentation Night


Brentwood Secondary College offers a number of sports such as tennis, cricket, table tennis, hockey, darts and more. It boasts a number of facilities to suit students individual sporting likes. Although sports is included in the normal curriculum, students are welcome to join sport teams which compete at a world level. Brentwood has a history of friendly rivalry with Wheelers Hill Secondary due to the close proximity of the two schools.

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