Breplogen Mountain

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Breplogen Mountain (71°55′S 5°27′E / 71.917°S 5.450°E / -71.917; 5.450Coordinates: 71°55′S 5°27′E / 71.917°S 5.450°E / -71.917; 5.450) is a broad mountain, 2,725 metres (8,940 ft) high, which is ice covered except on its north and east sides, standing west of Austreskorve Glacier in the Mühlig-Hofmann Mountains of Queen Maud Land.

Discovery and naming[edit]

Breplogen Mountain was plotted from surveys and from air photos by the Sixth Norwegian Antarctic Expedition (1956–60) and named Breplogen (the "glacier plough").[1]

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