Brest-Tsentralny railway station

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Belarusian Railway terminal
Belarus-Brest-Railway Station-2.jpg
View of the station from the street.
Location Belarus, Brest
Owned byBelarusian Railway
Platforms5 (4 island platforms)
Other information
Station code130007[1]
Fare zone4
Preceding station   Belarusian Railway   Following station

Brest-Tsentralny is the main railway station of Brest, Belarus.


The first building of the Brest station was built in 1886, and opened on 28 May in the presence of Emperor Alexander III.

It was built in the form of "medieval castle" with four water towers. The station was equipped with water heating. In the halls for passengers of the 1st and 2nd classes have parquet floors, 3rd class — plank, utility room — asphalt. Soon the station became the first in Russian Railways, have electric lighting — 160 light bulbs of 20 candles appeared in the halls and on platforms and 12 lights on 50 of candles lit up the station square.

In 1915, during the First world war, the station building was destroyed by the retreating Russian troops. The Polish authorities have constructed a new building. Visited Brest in 1949, Marshal Kliment Voroshilov, has contributed to the adoption of the decision on reconstruction of the station, which was held in 1953-1957.[3]


Train No. Destinations
003/007 Moscow — Brest
009 "Полонез" MoscowWarsaw
017 MoscowNice
021/023 MoscowPragueParis
067 Saratov — Brest
095 Moscow — Brest
103 Novosibirsk — Brest
115 MinskWarsaw
121 Brest — Terespol
603 Gomel — Brest
605 Vitebsk — Brest
607 Minsk — Brest
649 Mogilev — Brest
675 Gomel — Brest
761 Baranovichi — Brest



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