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Brest District is an administrative subdivision, a raion of Brest Region, in Belarus. The capital of the raion is Brest.


At the time of the Belarus Census (2009), Brest Raion had a population of 39,426. Of these, 83.0% were of Belarusian, 8.1% Russian, 6.9% Ukrainian and 0.9% Polish ethnicity. 54.8% spoke Russian and 40.4% Belarusian as their native language.


This raion is specialized in agriculture. Several recreational areas like Belaye Vozera, summer camps and rest homes along the Mukhavets River attract numerous tourists from the country and abroad.

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Coordinates: 52°06′55″N 23°39′40″E / 52.11528°N 23.66111°E / 52.11528; 23.66111