Brett Hull Hockey

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Brett Hull Hockey
Brett Hull Hockey
North American SNES cover art
Developer(s) Radical Entertainment
Publisher(s) Accolade
Designer(s) Emmanuel Lopez (MS-DOS)
Bob Edmond (MS-DOS)
Composer(s) SNES version: Paul Wilkinson[1]
Series Brett Hull Hockey
Platform(s) SNES, DOS
Release date(s) SNES:
  • NA January 1994
  • EU 1994
Genre(s) Traditional ice hockey simulation
Mode(s) Single-player or two-player

Brett Hull Hockey is an ice hockey video game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in addition to MS-DOS compatible personal computers developed in 1994 by Accolade Inc. and Ringler Studios.


The video game features standard graphics for its time. The announcer is Former ABC Sports and current NBC Sports announcer Al Michaels who announces Brett Hull by name, but other players by their jersey number. There is exhibition mode, regular season mode, and playoff mode. There are also options to turn on/off music, sound effects, and the pre-game coaching mode can turn a losing team into a winning team and vice versa.

Unreleased Atari Jaguar port[edit]

In late 1994 Atari acquired the license from Accolade,[2] and Brett Hull NHL Hockey was listed for release on Jaguar cartridge and Jaguar CD in 1995,[3] although they were never released during the Jaguar’s commercial run. To avoid licensing issues the name of the prototype was changed and given a homebrew release as “Jaguar Hockey”. It was released on cartridge by B&C Computervisions and on CD by Jaguar Sector II. Differences in the cartridge and CD versions include, but are not limited to, bug-fixes as well as full-motion-video cut-scenes.[4]


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