Brett Hull Hockey '95

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Brett Hull Hockey '95
Brett Hull Hockey '95
Super NES cover art
Developer(s) Radical Entertainment (SNES, Genesis)[1]
Accolade (DOS)[2][3]
Publisher(s) Accolade[1]
Designer(s) Brian Carpenter
Emmuanel Lopez
Dave Roberts
Chris Robertson
Artist(s) Mike Jackson[1]
Arthur We[1]
Composer(s) Paul Wilkinson[1]
Series Brett Hull Hockey
Platform(s) Super NES,[1] Sega Genesis, MS-DOS
Release date(s) Super NES: Sega Genesis:
Genre(s) Traditional ice hockey simulation[1]
Mode(s) Single-player or Two-player

Brett Hull Hockey '95 is a traditional ice hockey simulation video game released on January 1995 for multiple platforms; including the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Sega Genesis, and personal computers running MS-DOS.


A face-off has been called for St. Louis' defensive zone.

The game was developed by Radical Entertainment and published by the sports division of Accolade.[5] It is the sequel to the original Brett Hull Hockey. The gameplay options include Exhibition, Half Season, Full Season, Play-offs and All-Star.[5] Al Michaels called the play-by-play for every game (including the exhibition and all-star games).[5]

More than 600 authentic hockey players are used for this simulation game. Athletes are rated in skills related to skating, offense, defense, and goaltending skills.[6] The "coach mode" allows players to customize the team in order to meet their gaming needs.[6] There is an NHLPA license in the game but no NHL license; so that teams are only mentioned by city name.[6] The Super NES version only has a password save method instead of a battery backup method due to memory limitations.[6]


Reviewing the Super NES version, GamePro praised the coaching feature and assessed that Brett Hull Hockey '95, while not as good a game as NHL Hockey '95, has an action-driven style of gameplay which might be more appealing to beginning players and action fans.[7] A different GamePro critic gave the Genesis version a negative review, citing grainy voice, "slow game play and slower control", and the game's emphasis on individual plays rather than teamwork.[8]


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